Adam Lambert In Sixty

I’ve just found this marvelous intimate video interview with Adam Lambert, posted a few days ago by QueenRockBand. You know, Adam’s new extended royal family! You’re all getting excited about Friday night’s Queen/Adam Lambert iHeartRadio performance, right? I know I’m about to lose my mind with excitement! If you’re not going, there’s going to be […]

Adam Lambert Reveals on Chinese TV That He Likes To Get Cuddly With His Fans!

Hold on to your hats Glamberts, this is one of the most entertaining videos I’ve ever seen with @adamlambert! Before his American Idol duet last week with Angie Miller, Adam Lambert was in China, and now we have the clips. Adam sang Pop That Lock on Chinese television show, 80’s Talk Show and did a […]

Adam Lambert Spotlight on May 9, 2013 American Idol and Surprise Attendees for the Finale!!

Did you catch this beautiful piece on Adam Lambert on Thursday’s American Idol results show? There was speculation that Adam Lambert wouldn’t be back on American Idol when he ended his management deal with 19 Entertainment. We now know that’s not the case. On Thursday’s show, Ryan said “Adam will be onstage for a killer […]

Adam Lambert Receives GLAAD Media Award!! VIDEO!!

Presented by Mel B of Spice Girl fame, Adam Lambert received the Davidson Valentini Award at the San Francisco GLAAD Media Awards yesterday, giving a very comical and poignant acceptance speech. While shot from a distance, this video captures Mel’s introduction of Adam. Thank you NoAngelPF for your immediate posting. Here’s a closer video from […]

Here a Diva, There a Diva, Everywhere a Diva Diva!!

As we look forward to @adamlambert hosting next Sunday’s VH1 Divas, let’s take a look at what may have had a hand in getting Adam selected as the Host. This really cracks me up! Who says Adam’s not a Diva? And who says being a Diva is a bad thing? Thank you to TheLambertFan123 for […]

The Official Lyric Video for Trespassing

The Official Lyric Video for Trespassing was released today. Have you seen it? The colors and the song is familiar but the boots are not. Sadly I don’t think that’s Adam, but it’s still a fun new video!

Winners Announced for Adam Lambert’s Trespassing Video Contest

In keeping with @adamlambert’s uncanny knack for staying in touch with his fans, Adam created a contest for fans and glamtechs to create their own Trespassing video. Adam and Sauli spent this weekend pouring over the hundreds of entries, and have released the winners. And thnaks to @saulikoskinen1 for helping me judge the entries. we […]

Video Fan Wall Talks About Adam Lambert and Queen in London

I’m working really hard to get the videos from Adam Lambert and Queen’s London appearances posted. I was in Vegas last week and Lila was at Comic-Con all weekend. We couldn’t have picked a worse time to be away. We were panicked that the possible pay-per-view would force a decision our families didn’t want to […]

***COMPLETE MOSCOW CONCERT!*** Adam Lambert & Queen Rock Moscow – July 3, 2012

Adam Lambert rocked the stage with Queen at Olympic Stadium in Moscow yesterday (July 3, 2012). He was majestic, in control and showing the world that he’s a true Superstar – although some still say In-The-Making! Simon Cowell called it right when he said Idol had found an international star! I hope he’s watching, along […]

NewNowNext Awards – Adam Lambert Gets Down and Funky!!

I’m writing this in two parts. This first is more of a quick report on the night, and the second part will be from Lila’s and my personal viewpoints and full of pictures! Part One The NewNowNext Awards 2012 was a star-studded occasion, complete with all the ingredients that make a heart go pitter-pat. It […]