Stream Never Close Our Eyes now!

Adam Official has released Never Close Our Eyes on Sound Cloud. Give it a listen! Don’t miss the other songs released by looking to the right of the page. Also listed is a clip of Cuckoo and Naked Love, the full version of Trespassing and a remix of Better Than I Know Myself!

NewNowNext Awards – Adam Lambert Gets Down and Funky!!

I’m writing this in two parts. This first is more of a quick report on the night, and the second part will be from Lila’s and my personal viewpoints and full of pictures! Part One The NewNowNext Awards 2012 was a star-studded occasion, complete with all the ingredients that make a heart go pitter-pat. It […]

NEW VIDEO!! Better Than I Know Myself – Dark Adam vs. Light Adam!

What a night! Adam Lambert’s just released video for Better Than I Know Myself has caught me quite off guard! To be honest, from the Sneak Peek, I thought it was going to be reminiscent of WWFM. But wow was I wrong! The fight between Dark Adam and Light Adam is full of imagery, symbolism […]

Adam Lambert Tweet Releases His New Album Cover!

Adam Lambert took to Twitter to reveal the artwork for his second album Trespassing, which is due for release March 20, 2012. @adamlambert MY ALBUM COVER!!! Adam has told us about the evolution in his personal style and this picture is a testament to that look. I love the refined rocker with his semi-bangs! Adam […]

Why Season 8 Lives On

OK, so I know Season 8 really is over.  The votes have been counted, the winner announced, and the confetti swept up.  So why am I here on this site?  Why are you?  Well, I can only speak for myself. Season 8 lives on for me because I was not just entertained, but invested.  Strangely […]