Idol Backtrack: Top 3 – Adam Lambert Goes Home, Gets a Streaker and Katy Perry Pulls a Fast One!

With regard to the headline, I don’t think any other Idol contestant ever had 2 of these things happen – before or after Season 8! Warning: there is so much to present here and I’m probably going to ramble on and on, so please forgive me. But here we go!! Adam Lambert’s Homecoming was a […]

EXCLUSIVE: What Would Adam Lambert’s Name Be If He Was a Girl?

Yesterday morning my girlfriend Ellen (@Vudoobird) texted me that Eber (Adam’s father) answered her in a Tweet. I immediately smiled for her and went to find it. I then threw in my own comment, then thought of an immediate question for Eber, which he very graciously answered back to! Would he sing the same if […]

Adam Lambert & Alisan Porter – Together on The Voice

It seems Adam Lambert can’t get enough of TV singing competition shows, LOL! After just returning home from his triumphant judging debut on Australia’s X Factor where his teammate Isaiah Firebrace won the competition, Adam showed up on Monday’s The Voice! No, not as a judge or performer, but as a companion to close friend […]

Voice Winner Alisan Porter Praises Adam Lambert’s Coaching

Adam Lambert has been close friends with The Voice winner Alisan Porter for a long time. They appeared together in The Zodiac Shows, in the movie The Ten Commandments and even wrote For Your Entertainment’s Aftermath together. On this Access Hollywood interview around the 3:00 mark, she talks about their friendship and how much Adam […]

Adam Lambert and Rock Royalty Support Nightmare and the Cat!

No, not Queen! There was a different set of royalty in-house on Saturday night at Los Angeles’s Wiltern Theater when Nightmare and the Cat did a rousing opening set for Neon Trees. Don’t worry, I’ll get to the royalty later! Who or what is “Nightmare and the Cat” you may be asking? They’re a group […]

Happy Birthday Sauli!

Just a quick note to say Happy 28th Birthday to Adam’s boyfriend Sauli! Hope you guys have a blast tonight! If you hear what they did, post it below! The attached picture of Adam and Sauli is from the Blonde’s fashion show. What a hot couple!!!

Leno Afterparty Reveals Stories From Adam Lambert’s Past!

Last Tuesday (1-17-12) I was up in Los Angeles attending the taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, when Adam Lambert gave that incredible performance of Better Than I Know Myself. I am so grateful that my girlfriend Diana Juarez had extra spaces on her ticket, and offered them to Lila and me. A […]

Thanksgiving Begins Early with a Preview of Tonight’s E! True Hollywood Story with Adam Lambert!

Hey Glambs –this is going to be a very special week for us. We’ll be celebrating the holiday with our families and friends remembering everything we have to be thankful for. And in this troubled economic time, we might have to dig a little deeper. At your Thanksgiving dinner table, does everyone join hands and […]

Neil Lambert: Sleepless in Singapore

Adam Lambert and crew have already started on their World Domination, and brother Neil, who is a Production Assistant on the Tour, is thankfully taking to the digital airwaves to give us some more hilarity. That is, if you can laugh at the tragedy that he’s able to make light of! Seems that their hotel […]

Eber Lambert Tweets With Cutting Wit and Family Pride!

Adam Lambert’s dad, Eber Lambert has a brilliant mind for comedy and telling it like it is. There’s no doubt where the brothers get their sense of humor from. If you follow him on Twitter, you’ll be rolling from many of his tweets (and educated by the rest). Just catch the latest, obviously speaking to […]