Growing Up With Adam Lambert

You come across the greatest things on the web! Yesterday I found this wonderful creation by gallavich wyd published 2 days ago, showing Adam growing up right before our eyes. Photo via The immediate thing I take from this is how happy Adam always looks. He has a wonderful quality of looking relaxed in […]

Winners Announced for Adam Lambert’s Trespassing Video Contest

In keeping with @adamlambert’s uncanny knack for staying in touch with his fans, Adam created a contest for fans and glamtechs to create their own Trespassing video. Adam and Sauli spent this weekend pouring over the hundreds of entries, and have released the winners. And thnaks to @saulikoskinen1 for helping me judge the entries. we […]

Fan Animation – Glambert Late Night Tweets!

Thank you to my girlfriend Ellen (you may know her as @Vudubird) for passing this video to me. Haven’t we all had these conversations with our loved ones? At least in our minds? I think the GB comments are hilarious! Thanks also to nitenursestat for posting it. Love ya! ~ Carol ~

Tales of a Fierce One – The Journey From the Planet Fierce!

Thank you to Libraglam for bringing the following video to my attention. In light of everything negative that’s been posted lately, let’s take a moment to remember why we’re all here. This serves as a great reminder as to who Adam was before American Idol. If you didn’t see his “past,” now you know what […]

Happy New Years!! Top 10 Memories of 2009

[ad] Thanks everyone for a great year. Below are the top 10 Adam Lambert memories of 2009 according to a fan. Keep in mind some of the upright cabaret and Ten Commandments memories were from previous years and not during 2009. PART 1: PART 2: I will be entering 2010 tonight at Pechanga Casino in […]

Adam Lambert Chippendales Performance. Yep, you read it right!

This was posted by Cheryl (good job girl) but it went to our spam folder. Well, this is hillarious! Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today! [ad]

“One” Man Who Was “Born To Be Wild” – Dance Remixes!!

Here are some more of the famous dance remixes (at least famous on this fan site!) for your enjoyment. I admit they’re not as far from Adam’s original versions as the other ones have been. Thanks to denim27 for doing these and posting them to the public so I could replay them here. I’m giving […]

This Dance Remix Has Me “Feeling Good!”

I know we’ve all been “Feeling Good” watching the tour videos over and over and over, right? I’ve been so caught up with all of them too that I completely forgot about posting these pounding dance remixes. Well, no harm, I hope. We’ve had so much new to look at lately from the Tour, but […]

Dance Remix: Black or White

We received overwhelming support for the “Ring of Fire” Dance Remix. It is entirely appropriate that the next remix should be Black or White. [ad]

Adam Lambert Breaking a Glass with High Notes

Adam Lambert vs. The Glass That voice – that incredible voice. Adam’s incredible voice has made us all crumble. For some of us, it’s the amount of time he holds the note, Fourteen seconds? Unreal! For others, it’s his range. He hits the high note, and then takes it further by pushing it even higher. […]