*VIDEO* San Diego Star 94.1’s Happy Hour With Adam Lambert! He Talks Everything Ghost Town: “Glamberts, Shazam the Heck Out of the Song!”

HH - Carol, Adam, Lila - from Star 94.1

Adam Lambert is busy promoting Ghost Town, the first single from his upcoming third album, The Original High. He made a visit to hometown San Diego, including two radio stations and made some very lucky fans extremely happy. And Lila and I were two of them! I won 2 tickets for the exclusive Happy Hour […]

Adam Lambert’s Ghost Town Video Premiering Tomorrow!!

Ghost Town video

Adam just tweeted with a timeline for his Ghost Town video that will make all his fans happy! It’s happening TOMORROW/TUESDAY April 28th online at etonline.com at 4:30 PM PST/7:30 PM EST. ***EDIT: According to a tweet 10 minutes ago from adamlambertfans.com, it will be shown on Entertainment Tonight, TONIGHT! They say it’s on CBS […]

Adam Lambert – More Real Than a Ghost!


If you’ve been ANYWHERE on social media since last night – as all good Glamberts have been – I know you’ve been able to hear, pre-order, blog and discuss all things Ghost Town! Congratulations Adam Lambert for making one of the most profound new song debuts that I’ve ever seen! Your fans love you, appreciate […]

More On Why We Should Wait Until Release Day of Adam Lambert’s The Original High


Earlier I posted about iTunes not counting pre-sales of albums towards the all-important first day sales figures. With iTunes’ first-day sales numbers being the object of so much industry focus, I thought you might like to learn more about it. This is a new policy change from Apple. The following is an excerpt from a […]

Pre-Ordering Adam Lambert’s The Original High May Hurt First Day Numbers

33rd Birthday

There is a lot of talk right now about NOT pre-ordering Adam Lambert’s The Original High from iTunes. It will lower Adam’s 1st day iTunes sales numbers. Wait until the actual day. From the way I understand it, iTunes wipes all pre-sale numbers clear at midnight before the release day & only counts the sales […]

California Lawyer Wants to Execute Gays

I don’t know if you’ve heard about this one yet. There’s an attorney in Huntington Beach, California, about 40 miles south of Adam’s home, who feels being gay should be illegal and should be executed, and is seeking ballot referendum to place it up for election. I know – disgusting. I just had to throw […]

1st Sounds of Adam Lambert’s New Single, Ghost Town!

Ghost Town

First a shadowy tweet is posted, with world-wide fans speculating its meaning. Is it a new philosophy? Is it something seen on a walk through town? Or is it partial lyrics to the long-awaited single to be released next month? Then confirmation is given by Adam, with a release date too! GHOST TOWN. APRIL 21st. […]

Adam Lambert is Thick As a Brick!

Brick - SD Library

Last week I received a text from Lila Zubik, our IT Wizard. Imagine my surprise when I opened it and found this! Photo by Lila Zubik From Lila: On Friday I was at the new San Diego Downtown Library on a docent-led architectural tour. The main outdoor courtyard of the building is paved in bricks […]

Adam Lambert and The F Word

The F Word

At random times, I search my onscreen TV Guide for anything with Adam Lambert. I’m sure many of you do it too, right?! The other night I found The F Word with Adam Lambert, debuting the next day. I set my DVR, came home from work and watched it at the end of my evening. […]

Queen + Adam Lambert Rock Wembley!

Photo by Neal Preston

Queen + Adam Lambert just finished playing Wembley Arena in London, home to some of the most iconic rock concerts ever, including Queen’s last appearance there for LIVE AID in 1985. Just like all Queenbert’s UK appearances, they slayed the audience and made them believers! Check out this article from TKG News. Love ya! Carol […]