Song Possibilities for Adam Lambert’s iHeartRadio Concert with QUEEN!!!

Queen’s Brian May has been busy on Twitter folks. He’s passionate about his contact with his fans, just like someone else we all know and love! Picture courtesy of Brian asked his fans what they’d like to see Adam Lambert sing with Queen, and the votes started coming in. He said about 90 songs […]

Video Fan Wall Talks About Adam Lambert and Queen in London

I’m working really hard to get the videos from Adam Lambert and Queen’s London appearances posted. I was in Vegas last week and Lila was at Comic-Con all weekend. We couldn’t have picked a worse time to be away. We were panicked that the possible pay-per-view would force a decision our families didn’t want to […]

Adam and Queen in Poland

Another banner night as Adam and Queen rocked Wroclaw Poland! YouTube user JOINTICKK posted the entire concert as a playlist on YouTube. Enjoy!!! An Adam Fan that goes by Catzmadam, livestreamed most of the concert before her phone ran out of batteries. You can catch the entire thing on her livestream channel. Here is the […]

Adam Lambert in Moscow ***FULL CONCERT***

Yesterday Adam took the stage for the third night with Queen in Poland. While we look for videos from the Polish concert, here’s another video from Moscow. We also posted each song individually, 2 articles ago. So if this is missing anything, you can find it there.

Would You Pay to See a Livestream of Adam Lambert and Queen From London?

This is a definite YES from me!! I found this on AdamOfficial. If this is something you’d like to see too, read on and follow the directions. I can imagine the parties this will inspire!! Love ya! ~ Carol ~ From AdamOfficial: This would be an awesome way for us to ‘attend’ the show and […]

***COMPLETE MOSCOW CONCERT!*** Adam Lambert & Queen Rock Moscow – July 3, 2012

Adam Lambert rocked the stage with Queen at Olympic Stadium in Moscow yesterday (July 3, 2012). He was majestic, in control and showing the world that he’s a true Superstar – although some still say In-The-Making! Simon Cowell called it right when he said Idol had found an international star! I hope he’s watching, along […]

Queen Discusses Tour and Adam Lambert on Russian Late Night TV

My, how Jay Leno has changed! Unless either Queen’s Brian May or Roger Taylor understand Russian, I’m assuming they’ve got earpieces with translation coming to them. I love hearing “Adam Lambert” thrown into conversations conducted in Russian! Another sign that Adam’s “made it?” Hearing your name thrown around on Russian TV by Queen legends!! 🙂 […]

A Different Adam Lambert Takes the Stage With Queen – Moscow – July 3, 2012

While we’re anxiously waiting for full videos from Adam Lambert’s second concert with Queen, I’ve found these to start with. I know you want to see anything as soon as it’s available, so dig in! 🙂 These come from several different attendees so please pardon the quality difference in view, sound and focus. ***I just […]

Adam Lambert Commands the Stage with Queen in Kiev!

We’ve all been so excited waiting for this and now it’s here! Adam Lambert just performed a full 2-hour concert with Queen in front of an international audience, only hours ago. You can see and feel the excitement from not only Adam, but from Queen members Roger Taylor and Brian May. The concert gave just […]