Adam Lambert – Singing His Karaoke Heart Out

In an old video clip that just turned up, Carson Daly introduces us to Dimples, “the first Karaoke bar to open up outside of Japan, back in 1982.” After work, it became the place for many rising and established stars to step on the fake-it stage and have fun.

Screen cap by Carol Hagey

Located near iconic landmarks such as NBC Studios, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Comcast/NBC Universal, Nickelodeon and Walt Disney Studios, it also became the place for undiscovered talent to live their dreams, before success came knocking.

Feast your eyes on the list of who’s who that jumped onto that stage. I can’t get over the dreamy Eric McCormack! And who do you think is the incredible, undiscovered talent that finishes the video, singing Jimi Hendrix’s Red House? Yup, a very young Adam Lambert!

Video courtesy of Dimples YouTube.

When do you think this was from, and what was Adam doing professionally at the time?

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. sharon R sullivan says

    WOW I remember him singing this but hearing it again just solidifies my respect for Adam and his one in a billion voice.

  2. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    So much fun, can you imagine if you had been there???

  3. Janet BILICKI says

    Thanks Carol….this is so neat….I appreciate all you do. We love you…..and Adam.