Adam Lambert Gets To Be Seen

Yes, the title is a little weird, but I have a feeling that the following video could get removed if it was spelled out. Adam comes in just after 4 minutes and then is on screen for another 5 minutes, then returns at the very end, so stay tuned!

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Video courtesy of gelly414 – YouTube

And speaking of being seen, Adam will be on Good Morning America on March 20th, the day the full Velvet releases. He’s also slated for the Kelly Clarkson Show on March 24th. And we can see him LIVE in concert, on his VELVET tour. In addition to some one-off shows, he has a mini-residency at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas with just announced additional nights for April 18-19, going on sale this Friday! These shows add to the ones already on sale for April 22, 24 & 25.

If you’re looking for some great seats for the April 25 show (at cost!) I have 2 for Section 1, Row L, Seats 11 & 12. Answer in the comment section and I’ll be in touch.

Now for some great promo interviews that he’s been doing in Australia! Enjoy seeing Adam!!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~
This interview continues on in the next video.
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  1. Yes Vegas tix!

  2. Yes Vegas tix!

  3. Maggie Adams says

    Carol…. I’d love to see Adam on April 25! My 67th birthday is April 26 and that would be the most awesome birthday present ever. If you find it in your heart to select me you will make an old broad young again! Thanks for considering me!
    Love, love, love this site!!!!

  4. Beautiful baby

  5. I’m glad I was able to see the video before it’s pulled! Great find!

  6. Janet BILICKI says

    So much to look forward to in the next few months!