Fantastic Queen + Adam Lambert Review!

There have been so many almost-great reviews, but none of them have raved the way we fans know they should. Queen has been outstanding, and Adam Lambert has shown all of the doubters that he’s a powerhouse on stage. Here’s a review from serious fanboy Steven S Shaw for My Hyper Reality, that really brought […]

Queen + Adam Lambert: Even the Negative Reviews are Great!

With all the completely positive reviews raving about the Queen + Adam Lambert tour, it’s hard to imagine that there could be a negative one. Yet somehow I managed to come across one (scroll down) from the Houston Press Blogs when Lila and I got home from our third Queenbert concert (Dallas). After reading the […]

Adam Lambert in Vegas – both nights

Carol and I just got back from Vegas where we were able go to the shows both on July 5 and 6! The experience was incredible and I really hope you all are able to make it to at least one show during this tour, but if not there are TONS of YouTube videos floating around. […]

From Classic Rock: Why Adam Lambert is the perfect man for Queen

It is so great to read every time when an unbiased blogger defends Queen’s choice of Adam Lambert as their singer. I’m breaking standards here and posting this article in its entirety. The blog requires a sign-in and some may prefer not to do that. The link for the blog is included at the end, […]

Getting a Bachelor of Arts in Queen + Adam Lambert!

If you’re like many Adam Lambert fans, you have spent a lot of time learning about him, talking about him, watching everything that comes across your monitor, and making what will become lifelong friendships with fans who share the same respect. Others (read family, friends, co-workers, neighbors) may have criticized you for “wasting your time,” […]

Queen and Adam Lambert: The Start of Something Big!

Not that there was ever any doubt, but Queen with Adam Lambert is turning out to be one of the smartest pairings ever! Their epic North American Tour started last week in Chicago, then headed north to Canada, and is working its way back down to the States on July 1, in San Jose, California. […]

Rolling Stone on Queen and Adam Lambert’s Tour Opener: 5 Things We Learned

The following Rolling Stone article is the introduction to the summer of Queenbert. For all of you who were there last night, I bet you’re still on a high! I saw so many familiar names tweeting and I’m so happy for all of you!! Fan writers will say all the glorious comments, but when it […]

Queen + Adam Lambert Give a Taste of the Tour!

From inside Burbank’s iHeartRadio Theater in front of 500 lucky contest winners, Queen and their new prince, Adam Lambert gave the crowds a sampling of the upcoming North American Tour yesterday, with eight seven classic hits and a sort of new one. And judging by the crowd’s reaction, the USA is going to be a […]

Full Preview of Queen and Adam Lambert – Hour-Long Australian Special

It’s been well publicized that Queen + Adam Lambert have extended their upcoming world tour, adding Australia to the roster. Picture courtesy of Australia’s Sunday Night On 7 has a full hour-long special coming up next week, and here we get a full preview. Thank you to Comunita Qneeniana for posting this version. Love […]

Full Queen + Adam Lambert Press Conference – NYC

When Queen and Adam Lambert held their March 6, 2014 press conference in Madison Square Garden announcing their North American tour, several 2 or 3-minute versions came out for our listen. Picture courtesy of We’ve even seen some other clips, done the same day. Here is a full-length version of the MSG conference, lasting […]