Adam Lambert in Vegas – both nights

Carol and I just got back from Vegas where we were able go to the shows both on July 5 and 6! The experience was incredible and I really hope you all are able to make it to at least one show during this tour, but if not there are TONS of YouTube videos floating around.

Adam Lambert and Queen, July 6, 2014
July 5

Pictures on Facebook on a Queen+Adam Lambert page:

Here is a playlist that contains the entire July 5 concert:

July 6

Pictures on Facebook on a Queen+Adam Lambert page:


Here is the entire second night in one video

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  1. On my way to the Houston show in 30 minutes Loading up the Kids and Wife now. Teenage son is worried everyone will be over 40…LOL! Should be a good time.

  2. glamity58 says

    I went to the Chicago show and I’m going to Detroit on Saturday. This is the best show ever. Jim, tell the kids my married son and daughter and his sister (in their 20s) all went and had a great time.

  3. Yvonne (aka) Glammer. says

    Can’t wait for August to arrive, going to 2 concerts in Melbourne, Australia….woo hoo, it’ll be great to catch up with my Glambert mates…

  4. I was there the first night and it was incredible that’s all I’ve been talking about now since last weekend to my friends they all think I’m nuts.

  5. Glsmbertgirl8 - Beth says

    Arrived in Dallas today for the show tomorrow night. Waiting with much anticipation for my Adam fix. This is going to be amazing!

  6. I’m glad so many are able to attend a show. Carol and I are on the road heading to the Dallas show tomorrow, but she found this review too!

    unfortunately it will be my last for the tour unless they magically announce something else close to home, but a girl can’t be too greedy after three shows!

  7. Just Got back from the Houston Show, It was amazing Adams got Crazy pipes, Brian is still a Guitar GOD, Roger is beating the skins hard(looks really old though). Kids Loved it except for some Teeny Bopper crack heads in front of us. Adams voice was spot on really seemed to have energy. Followed script of the other shows for the most part. Did have a little snafu with the BIG Q in front of the screen moving about 10 feet down for a song but got it back to normal soon after. The band including the all the extras were really tight. Adam had fun with Keyboard guy and Bassist. Really impressed.

  8. My husband took me to the July 5th concert at the Hard Rock along with you Carol. It was fantastic! Queen was my favorite band growing up in the 70’s and the first group I saw in concert in 1978 I think. I saw them 3 times in concert and I knew from the beginning when I heard Adam sing on Idol that he was the closest I had ever heard to the vocal perfection of Freddie Mercury. You can tell that Adam is really enjoying living out his dream and that Brian May & Roger Taylor fully appreciate his talents. I is also obvious that they all like each other and it made the show even better. I was NOT disappointed!!!

  9. Denise I agree I know Brian said they would play it by ear on more shows and recording but since Adam wants too and the shows are going over so well it will be hard to not do more shows and do some recording.I know South America would go over BIG. I just hope all this Rock experience rubs off on Adam in future recordings of his solo stuff. His range is wasted on the poppy/dance songs. Adam is so confident in front of the crowd and if you compare him now to the Russian shows with Queen it is night and day difference.

  10. Has anyone received the t-shirt you get when you buy the VIP tickets? They mail it to you after the show and I wanted to see if I needed to buy an additional one at the concert tonight! If so, can you post a picture?

  11. buffy522 says

    Just saw Houston and Dallas and concur with everything. I enourage everyone to do whatever you can to see this show live. It is so beyond incredible. Don’t say you can’t go! Find a way!!

  12. I was at the show on 7-6… it was my birthday and seeing that was an amazing gift. Since I was a kid I was a queen fan and Adam is the only one that could do Freddie any justice.

  13. Tamara W says

    Who did you get the videos from or did you film it yourself? I’d love to get a copy on disc for a keepsake if possible. I was at the July 5th show and in the front row. I looked for you and carol but didn’t see you. I’m still not quite sure I believe I actually got to see them live. The best show EVER!!!!