Getting a Bachelor of Arts in Queen + Adam Lambert!

If you’re like many Adam Lambert fans, you have spent a lot of time learning about him, talking about him, watching everything that comes across your monitor, and making what will become lifelong friendships with fans who share the same respect. Others (read family, friends, co-workers, neighbors) may have criticized you for “wasting your time,” expressed their amazement at how much you know about him, and maybe even had a few relationship issues because of it. WE know how much benefit from this, but still others have a hard time grasping it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could prove that our time was well spent, and we in fact, had something we could flaunt in their faces, to show our time has been worthwhile? How about a Bachelor of Arts degree? Or even a Masters?

Grad Caps x 4

Okay, it doesn’t exist . . . yet! But the following article from sure seems like it’s a possibility! I would be so happy to attend Glambert U. Just imagine the academics. Our course load would come from Pre-Idol (San Diego), Pre-Idol (Post-San Diego), The Idol Years, and Everything Else (read “Ascent to Stardom”). Can you imagine how much fun living in the dorms would be? All your favorite Glambert friends would be there. And I can’t wait to cram for finals! You know our colors would constantly be changing. This semester they’re black and gold, but always sparkly. Our logo would be the Eye of Horus and our mascot would be the Alien from the Planet Fierce. And you know our fight cry would be “Whattaya Want From Me!”

My whole inspiration for this came from the following article. Thank you for letting me get a little silly! 🙂 Read on as Ruth Blatt, explores Queen + Adam Lambert, from the business man’s point of view, for This could be the premise for an offering from Glambert U’s Business Analysis Department.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~


Should We Evaluate Queen + Adam Lambert The Same Way We Evaluate Iggy Azaelia?

By Ruth Blatt

The band Queen was founded forty-four years ago. It took a few years—and albums—for it to become one of the biggest stadium rock bands in the world. By the mid-1980s, Queen was breaking concert attendance and sales records.

Last week, two original members of Queen—Brian May and Roger Taylor—launched a tour with Adam Lambert filling in for the late Freddie Mercury. Queen joined the likes of the Rolling Stones and ZZ Top in keeping their brand alive on the stage well into their fifth and sixth decades.

Reviews of the performance were mostly ecstatic, but some critics have called for the band to create some new Queen music together, rather than reverting to releasing more albums fronted by Freddie Mercury. Does the reconfigured Queen need to make new music to be considered effective? At the heart of this issue is a question that matters not just for bands, but for any organization: Should we evaluate the effectiveness of a mature organization using the same criteria we use for upstarts? Do we judge Queen with Adam Lambert using the same metric with which we assess newcomers, like Iggy Azaelia or Imagine Dragons?

According to a classic study by management professors Robert E. Quinn and Kim Cameron, “Organizational Life Cycles and Shifting Criteria of Effectiveness: Some Preliminary Evidence,” the answer is no. The way we should define and evaluate the effectiveness of an organization depends on what stage of the organizational life cycle it is in.

A new musical act is like a new firm. It is in its entrepreneurial phase. Its primary focus is creating, innovating, acquiring resources and gaining external support. For companies this means securing their first customers and investors. For a band, it means getting their first few million YouTube views and song streams, joining major festival lineups and getting radio play.

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  1. Love your idea about Glambert U. What a fun university that would be! In senior year Adam himself would teach a seminar to a select few on a first-come first served basis. Some students would stay in school for years, just to get a chance to take that seminar!

    • CelticMairin says

      I seem to be late for everything, but I’d be first in line for this. Pick me, pick me!

  2. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    I’m in! Where do we sign up?

  3. ivonlambert says

    Would be sooooo proud if I could graduated summa cum laude from Glambert U. So how to enroll?

  4. glamity58 says

    I was just at the Detroit show last night. It was even better than the one I saw in Detroit. Adam is more amazing than ever. I hope he makes new music with Queen.

  5. glamity58 says

    I would never want to graduate! It would have to be free then….