Rolling Stone on Queen and Adam Lambert’s Tour Opener: 5 Things We Learned

The following Rolling Stone article is the introduction to the summer of Queenbert. For all of you who were there last night, I bet you’re still on a high!

Photo by Neal Preston

Photo by Neal Preston

I saw so many familiar names tweeting and I’m so happy for all of you!! Fan writers will say all the glorious comments, but when it comes from an objective industry-leading publication, it means a little more, considering all the bashing Adam has endured, both solo and in front of Queen. Enjoy Rolling Stone’s article on Queen + Adam Lambert. We’ll start you off, then click the link at the end to continue.

Love ya!

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Regal rock band and their new frontman make a grand U.S. debut at Chicago’s United Center

By Dan Hyman
June 20, 2014

Even when he was auditioning for American Idol, singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” for the judges with all his falsetto fireworks, it was readily apparent Adam Lambert had a major soft spot for Queen. That he would later perform with the band itself at the end of his season — and brilliantly so, at that — only solidified the increasingly obvious fact: This singer and all his octave-defying range and theatrical flair owed a clear debt of gratitude to the late Freddie Mercury.

Inside Queen’s Huge Summer Tour With Adam Lambert

It was fitting and not altogether surprising, then, when Lambert quickly linked up with the legendary act, serving as their frontman at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and again during a brief European tour. Last night, kicking off a 24-date North American run at Chicago’s United Center, the union of Lambert and Queen became official.
“It’s so crazy that this came out of American Idol,” Lambert admitted during a recent interview with Rolling Stone. Yet if the singer was any parts bewildered by his luck, he didn’t show it on Thursday evening: The tour’s opening show was a spectacle of the grandest order. Here are five things it taught us:

Adam Lambert is no Freddie Mercury, but the man sure can sing.

CAROL’S EDIT: Can we please stop comparing the two?

This isn’t the first time Queen have attempted to replace their iconic frontman: Everyone from Wyclef Jean to Robbie Williams to Bad Company’s Paul Rodgers, who toured with the band for the better part of the Aughts, has stepped into the late singer’s massive shoes. From his cheeky call-and-response during “Another One Bites the Dust” to his outsize take on “Killer Queen,” spreading out on a purple lounger and fake-chugging champagne, Lambert proved as brilliant a fill-in as you’re bound to find.
It’s a shame he wasn’t given more a cappella turns, however: “Somebody to Love” was goose bump-inducing thanks to Lambert’s vocal acrobatics. And that’s to say nothing of his vocal magic during “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We Are the Champions.”

Carol’s Edit: Can anyone confirm this? Was this Zipper-Gate?

What's Brian staring at?!?

What’s Brian staring at?!?

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  1. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    I can’t wait until we see them in two weeks!


  3. I have my tickets to see them July 6th at the Hard Rock in Vegas… CAN”T WAIT! It’s also my birthday I’m so excited.

  4. Yvonne (aka) Glammer. says

    August won’t come quick enough for me………I’ve got tickets to both concerts in Melbourne, Australia….Woo Hoo…..

  5. glamity58 says

    I was at the Chicago concert and met up with tons of Glamberts and met some Queen fans. It was the most amazing experience. I am still on a “high” and wish I could be there right now taking in another show. This was Adam’s best performance yet! He was magical and I couldn’t ask for anything more (except to go 20 more shows). The lines to buy t-shirts were 15-20 deep before and after the show. I was shocked at how many people had shirts. I am so happy for Adam and so proud of what he’s accomplished. I feel like a proud mom somehow. Best show ever!

  6. mandytwo says

    I just watched some of last nights concert on youtube. Adam was sooo good. That’s as close as I will get to the concerts, watching them on the internet. Glamity 58, I can only imagine the high you are on. I am on one and I wasn’t even there. I am also proud and happy for Adam. Just imagine how he feels. Frontman for his favorite group. WOW!!

  7. I’m going to the Houston Show. Was there an opening band?

  8. not important says

    Brian is staring at the royal glambulge. As are the rest of us. We approve of the white pants. Thank you Adam

  9. Lucynka Piotrowska says


  10. beaglewoman says

    I was at Chicago (drove 3 hrs) and the show was amazing. Emphasis on show!!! It was so much fun to see Adam with Brian and Roger and be allowed to bring all that glam extravagance to the stage. The Diva attitude on Killer Queen, bowing before Brian on BR, strutting that crown during the encore. For those of you who will see upcoming shows you are in for a treat no matter where your seats are. We were nose-bleedish but it didn’t diminish the fun or the music or the theatrics. So great to hear Brian and Roger who both did amazing solos. I have a hard time putting the experient into words – it was just so much damn fun!!!! Loved during the intro to Love Kills that Adam payed homage to Freddie but then said ‘we’re doing this our way’ – enough said. [This makes me ravenous for a concert of Adam doing Adam songs….. *sigh*]

  11. beaglewoman says

    Oh – and for all you “haters” out there, every negative post is a slam to Roger and Brian. Freddie is dead – everyone knows that including Roger and Brian. Freddie was a partner in this music and kudos to Roger and Brian for keeping it alive. To close the book and put it away forever because “Freddie” isn’t there to sing it would be a travesty. One only needs see how happy Roger and Brian are up there on that stage to know that this is the right thing to do for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you Roger Taylor and Brian May for living life and allowing Adam to join your celebration.

  12. one good woman says

    I am so jealous that I will not be fortunate enough to attend one of the concerts. There is no doubt in my mind that they would be awesome concerts to attend! I will be enjoying as many as I can find on youtube, though. I seen the video from I heart radio concert and it was amazing. Adam’s voice is amazing, magical, awesome, breathtaking, etc. I can’t even find a word that describes his voice. I am so happy for Adam and Queen.

  13. Hi!! I’m selling a hardly worn retired adam lambert peace penny royal necklace in box. $50 or best offer plus $5 shipping outside of Canada. email me of you’re interested

  14. Will be at the July 29th show in Columbia MD and CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!

  15. LOL!!! So excited I put the wrong date!! July 20th!!!

  16. It’s so nice to hear everyone’s enthusiasm! What a great show!
    Concerts take a little piece of you with each one of them, the sound, the feel, the magic that is rock ‘n roll 🙂