Adam Lambert’s Streaker Returns at the San Diego Fair!

We have so much to tell and share with you on this Independence Day, not only about Adam Lambert’s concert at the San Diego Fair on July 2, 2013, but also the AT&T Live Proud concert last night. But I want to get this out quickly so I’m just concentrating on this piece right now. […]

Adam Lambert – Bloopers from VH1 Divas!

Did you know there was a blooper reel from Adam Lambert’s hosting gig on VH1 Divas 2012? I didn’t! I was secretly hoping that the whole performance of Madonna’s Ray of Light was a blooper, and we’d get the on-key version, but then I remembered I was in the audience and it really happened the […]

Adam Lambert Reveals on Chinese TV That He Likes To Get Cuddly With His Fans!

Hold on to your hats Glamberts, this is one of the most entertaining videos I’ve ever seen with @adamlambert! Before his American Idol duet last week with Angie Miller, Adam Lambert was in China, and now we have the clips. Adam sang Pop That Lock on Chinese television show, 80’s Talk Show and did a […]

Break In at Adam Lambert’s Closet?!?!

***This is all in good fun! Something came out of Adam Lambert’s closet, and it wasn’t Adam this time! Do we need to alert Fashion Police? Not everyone can get away with wearing a Dragon Attack jacket. Jennifer Lopez actually tried to get away with this at Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards. And as we […]

Adam Lambert Shakes His Hips with Kelly Osbourne!

When @adamlambert is back in the states, he really knows how to kick it up on a Saturday night! While reporting on April 17th about the great shape Adam’s pal Kelly Osbourne has gotten herself into, E!News revealed hoola hooping was one of her methods. She did a bikini photo shoot for SELF (out April […]

“Flat Addy” Shows Up as Adam Lambert Begins New Music!

Now that @adamlambert is back from his international We Are Glamily tour, we hear that he is working on new music. Do you think that everything Adam’s been exposed to lately will flavor his writing? I’m so excited thinking about how his time with Queen might influence him! Look who showed up in my mailbox. […]