Adam Lambert Reveals on Chinese TV That He Likes To Get Cuddly With His Fans!

Hold on to your hats Glamberts, this is one of the most entertaining videos I’ve ever seen with @adamlambert! Before his American Idol duet last week with Angie Miller, Adam Lambert was in China, and now we have the clips.

Chinese cuddly

Adam sang Pop That Lock on Chinese television show, 80’s Talk Show and did a most charming stage segment afterward. He must have been receiving translation in his earpiece during the interview because he’s very involved in the conversation. This is an extremely candid and hilarious piece! Attention American Idol Honchos – pay attention to the humor and spontaneity that naturally rolls off Adam’s tongue. His personality would be very refreshing and would bring life and viewers back to your show!

Back to China! In response to questions about the photos he takes with fans, he states “I like to get cuddly with my fans . . . cause they wanna touch me, right? And I wanna touch them!” He’s going to have a long line in San Diego who want to hold him to that!

After Adam demonstrates his fondness for touchy-feely, they move on to talking about Adam’s favorite hobby, shopping. Listen to the amount of money Adam would have trouble spending on one item. He’s come a long way from his Hollywood cockroach–infested studio apartment days!

They end by giving him a gift of what looks like the largest piece of potpourri I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if Adam ever knew what it was, but he accepted it most graciously.

Adam also sang the heck out of Mad World on the opening of the 2013 season of American Idol/China. This was an incredibly pure version of his infamous cover.

One more step in achieving the global domination we all predicted 4 years ago! Thank you alidol2011 for these clips.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. @glitzylady says

    Adam is welcome to touch me ANY time :)))

    • Of course you’re talking about your heart & soul, right?! Me too!

      • Oh right, Carol. Defnitely my heart & soul.

      • You took the words right out of my mouth, Glitzylady. The only thing I’d add to your comment is anywhere or any place.

      • mandytwo says

        He touches my heart and soul too. So much that I actually cry when I hear him sing. My husband thinks I am crazy but…oh well that’s how I feel and it will NEVER change. Love him so much!!!!!

        Glamb 616

      • @glitzylady says

        Yes, that’s EXACTLY what I meant :)) But seriously, Adam touches my heart and soul every single day..and has since I first saw him on Idol. Beautiful man with a wonderful generous heart and bright & shining old soul. AND he likes to cuddle.. with fans…. Even better-er!!!

  2. mary ann says

    How i miss seeing Adam on Idol. He is just fantastic! Let’s bombard American Idol with requests to put Adam as one of the judges. I will certainly watch the show every week. He will look good as a judge, literally and figuratively!

  3. glamity58 says

    I loved seeing Adam on IDOL and in China. I so want him to find that special show or song or album that catipults him to the stratophere where he belongs. I have my fingers crossed.

  4. Yvonne (aka) Glammer. says

    He touches me in emotional ways that I’ve never been touched before……

  5. Valerie (aka Glambert1750) says

    I have enjoyed listening to and watching Adam since AI. He also puts on the most amazing live concerts – hands down the BEST I’ve ever seen, and usually “live concerts” end up disappointing me. However, it seems that Adam’s voice touches each and every person in the room and his rapport with his fans is so phenomenal. I only wish the radio stations in the U.S. would start promoting and supporting Adam. I’ve contacted several of our local radio stations (in the Milwaukee, WI area) requesting songs from “Trespassing” but haven’t heard one song from that album!! Very frustrating and disappointing when other artists songs are played over and over … At least Adam is getting the worldwide, international recognition he so deserves. But I for one would love to see another tour within the U.S. because I need another “Adam live in concert” fix!!

  6. Valerie (aka Glambert1750) says

    Plus, I wouldn’t mind getting “cuddly” with Adam either. My daughter and I had our cell phones signed by Adam (that phone is now put away for safekeeping) and she also had Adam sign her athletic shoe! But a HUG would top all that (and a photo with him & me in it would be a bonus!!) Ah-h-h I’m dreaming of things to come …