“Flat Addy” Shows Up as Adam Lambert Begins New Music!

Now that @adamlambert is back from his international We Are Glamily tour, we hear that he is working on new music. Do you think that everything Adam’s been exposed to lately will flavor his writing? I’m so excited thinking about how his time with Queen might influence him!

Flat Addy Fantasy Springs 7-22-12

Look who showed up in my mailbox. Hope we get some more visits from this cute fellow!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. I’m more concerned everytime I see a more recent pic that he’s getting awfully thin. Anyone else notice this?

    • I saw Adam at the D.C. marriage equality concert and I did notice he was quite a bit thinner in person (and I thought he was perfect as he was). He seemed happy, relaxed and healthy. I hope he gets plenty of rest after all the air travel and time changes – that can really mess up metabolism. We all just want Adam to be healthy and take good care of himself!

  2. Diana Marks says

    Wow! That would be a GR8 thing to go to sleep looking at! What a way to start the day off in the right direction! I have been looking for one of those since 2008! Where’d U find that gorgeous thing? BTW wanted to ask U if u were the one trying to sell some tickets to the San Diego gig with Adam? If you are & still have one left please e mail me. Just made a deal w the devil (hubby) to see Adam in July. Now gottta find a ticket… Thnx for ur help!
    Diana Marks (adamitisnky)

  3. YvonneakaGlammer says

    Hi glamberts, I would like one of these ‘stand alones’ it would look great in my lounge room. !! Yes, Adam does look a little thinner, but thought it would be because of the “green drink” that he and Sauli take every day….I think they get it from the health food store. would like to know what it is…………if it kept weight away I would bath
    in it…………..lol……….can’t wait to hear if he is coming to Australia……….sigh…..

  4. glamity58 says

    Do I dare say I don’t quite get this? Who is Flat Addy? I see the cutout of Adam in front of Fantasy Springs where he’s played, but what am I missing? Tired and working alot lately, but I just don’t get it. Do you still have those tickets? Even one and I would consider going to San Diego, but I’m sure you wanna sell both.

    • First off, I couldn’t be more excited that Adam is working on new music because that probably means a new album. I am like glamity58, who is Flat Addy or what is Flat Addy? I try to keep up with all the posts but I don’t know anything about this. Does Adam, by any chance, plan any tour in the US? I want to see him so bad it’s just almost sad.

  5. justin brent says

    Ticketmaster still has Adam Lambert San Diego Fair tickets available for those
    those who don’t have them yet.

  6. Just so excited about new music and Adam being Home. Don’t know why but nice to know he is on th same content and same coast. Welcome home Adam 🙂

    • For some reason it makes me feel good to just to know he’s at least near. Well, at least closer than Asis or Europe. Someone out there PLRASE enlighten me on Flat Addy. I’ve been trying different website and still don’t know.

      • ko's smiling says

        Jackie, I think she named the cardboard Adam “Flat Addy.” Like “Flat Stanley” who travels the world. 🙂

        • Yep, you got it! A friend won this stand up at the pre-party at Fantasy Springs and we took it around the city for some pictures. If you want one of your own I’d be willing to bet you could find a company who makes custom ones to make one for you.

  7. I can’t thank Carol enough for keeping up with all the Adam Lambert news. Adam set the bar so high on Idol, that on Idol , Voice, X factor, no one has even come close to his ability.
    I listen to season 8 on you tube, just to remind myself how very great Adam was. As for
    his touring with Queen, simply awesome !! So why havent more Americans, radio stations,
    or television shows promote this amazing talent. I so hope he can colloberate more with Queen. They were magical together !