See @AdamLambert at the #iHeartRadio Festival on the @CW_network Monday night!

As announced by CW: the iHEARTRADIO MUSIC FESTIVAL will air as a four-hour special over two nights, Monday, September 30 (8:00-10:00pm ET) and Tuesday, October 1, (8:00-10:00pm ET). Check your local listings!

Carol and I were super lucky to be there due to her incredible luck in winning tickets from a local radio station. The night Adam performed with Queen the concert (including all of the performers) went on for over 5 hours so I know they’ll be cutting it down to 2 hours. I hope they don’t cut too much from Adam’s amazing performance since they only performed for 30 minutes!

I suppose, though, that we’re lucky we can watch it over and over on YouTube. Here it is again in case you just can’t get enough.

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  1. Another glorious, flawless performance!

    I miss hearing him on a regular basis … oh, Adam, when will you ever have another tour?

  2. I just watched the TV version and I am so glad that I watched it live stream on my computer. There were so many commercials and they did not even show all of the Queen performance. Each performer had one song on except Elton John did 2. Adam only sang two and then fun. came on and it was over. What a bummer. So glad Lila posted the whole Queen performance. Thanks again Lila. At least we can watch it here.

    Glamb 616

  3. It is disappointing that they ended with Fun. I won’t watch the TV version. I have my videos. I guess they will put Adam and Queen and Fun on again tomorrow probably doing FBGs. We were hoping for more from Adam, but FUN is just more popular and no one really cares about quality singing.

  4. I too was disappointed that they ended with the number with fun, minus Adam. It would have been more “fun” had they ended with the number with all 3 of them, but that really was the perfect song to go out on. I doubt they’ll show anyone from night #1 on Tuesday’s show. At least they included Adam in the promos & the brilliant part where Katy Perry was speaking about how Adam is the only singer who can fill this role. Did you catch the scene where Brian & Adam hugged each other and the look on Brian’s face was priceless! 🙂

    • Lila Hayes says

      I watched the second night and they did Fat Bottom Girls (with Queen, Fun and Adam) last night! It was nice, but boy that poor guy from Fun looked (and sounded) a little out of his league.

      • I saw it too and I agree. They left out a lot of performances that were on the second night on the TV version. It was good to see Adam. I was totally surprised and happy to see him on both nights. Just wish they would have had “who wants to live forever?” at least one of the nights. Loved Bruno Mars too!!! Queen and Adam were the best of all the performers.

  5. Brenda Sanders says

    I tried watching this program on TV but I couldn’t get past the talentless performers of all the crappy rap and turned it off several different times. I miss Adam too and as his fan, I’m willing to watch and listen to him whenever he performs. At the same time, I’m sad for him that he’s stuck in the music of his father and yet he fails to realize that his talents are being equally wasted on singing the pop music of today. He needs to create his own “standards” to match his powerful talent. I want to see and hear him on stage with the Philharmonic orchestras. I want to watch him act in a serious play. I want him to know that he’s both an entertainer and an artist and I believe that he should be the most popular person around today. Instead, he’s not singing good music but trying to fit in with the talentless, marginal people who are in the business for the money and attention. He said his greatest fear was to be forgotten in a year and his words are becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Adam needs his own version of a Colonel Parker who knows Adam’s audience, someone to believe in him, help to guide him in his business decisions, and to open the right doors for him. He should quit trying to compete with the popularity of everyday personalities and become the serious singer and actor he can be. He shouldn’t waste his time trying to write his own music. He should be on the stage wowing the audience who came to see him perform instead of being someone’s afterthought and “filling in” for poor, dead Freddie Mercury. Who and what is fun? They weren’t and I couldn’t even listen to the rest of the tape. Who would want those guys to finish performing with Queen instead of Adam? It was an insult. Please Adam, get some help with your career and, as KD Lang sings, save you from yourself.

    • Hi Brenda, I know I am really late to this party but just came across your wonderful comment today. I whole heartedly agree with you. I think Adam is far to good for Pop music and I know this is where his heart lies at the moment. Maybe in time his career will fall into the path it deserves. Once again thank you for so eloquently saying what is in my head.
      I used to come to this site years ago when I first discovered Adam and I think I am about to return. Im tired of all the bitching and fighting on the site I have been using.
      Hi to Carol and co so glad you are still going. You were my first connection to Adam, you are doing a wonderful job. My passion for Adams voice is still as strong as it was over 4 years ago.

  6. Adam sounded GREAT but looked too thin (the momma in me!)
    Eat a burger Adam!

  7. Adam sounded and looked great! I’ll catch the show tonight!!! He is such an amazing entertainer!

  8. KO's smiling says

    I really enjoyed this performance with Queen, but I still think the one below is the best recent performance of Adam’s. He seems right at home in this funky world.

    I still love the small shows where Adam has a full (and preferably not his – sorry) band and feels comfortable to dance and laugh and improv.