It all started with a “Shady” tweet!

On Thursday night @adamlambert, @nilerodgers and @sam_sparro performed Shady at the “We Are Family Foundation 2012 Celebration Gala 2.0.” It was the first time Niles and Adam (collaborators on Shady) were able to perform it live for an audience.Adam Lambert and Nile Nodgers

You might recall that Adam was presented with the Unity Award that night at the Gala which “honors a person in the public eye who has made tremendous efforts and inroads into making the human condition better around the world through their work as an artist.”

Enough with the talking, on with the performance!

Here are some other songs performed that night:

I hear he also sung “Whataya Want From Me” but I’ve only found this snippet from the soundcheck. Let me know if you find the entire thing somewhere.

Here is Sam Sparro presenting the award to Adam:

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  1. from event…omg…friggin great

  2. This was great! Thank you for posting it all so quickly! It is so heart-warming to see Adam being recognized by such industry icons. I like that he’s burning a steady path to super stardom & not one that will flash too quickly and be gone.

    • Today I was haveing a totally shit day, then I found your link, even though I still have tears rolling down my cheeks, it’s for a different reason. Watching these 3 maestros in action……Sam was totally in his element, we definately don’t see enough of him. Nile as always & fore ever will be the greatest….& then Adam, not enough words in my dictionary for AL; What a gig to have been at…….WoW. Yvonne (aka glammer)

  3. He is simply awesome. Love the band, Nile and backup singers. thanks Carol.

  4. WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!! SHADY is my favorite on Trespassing and LET’S DANCE is my favorite song by David Bowie. This is the best. Thanks so much for the post and Adam just seemed so comfortable with them and also his acceptance speach.

    Glamb 616

  5. here is a link to the concert..WWFM starts around 15:00
    002 AL WAFF Concert