Of course we Glamberts have no problem telling the difference between these two artists. But evidently outsiders not-in-the-know have their difficulties.

7-18-16 Lambert left7-18-16 Levine right

Pictures: Adam Lambert – tomandlorenzo.com; Adam Levine – www.ibtimes.com

Once you get past the superficial similarities, they’re a world apart. Still I found this article by cultureguru completely amusing. As a blogger, I really appreciate all the work that went into it!

I’ll start the article and you click at the end for the continuation.

Do you remember the controversy on The Voice when Glamberts showed Adam Levine he can’t mess around with us? A virtual Twitter war broke out! For more on that, click here.

Love ya!

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Adam Lambert or Adam Levine? A guide to telling the difference

by cultureguru

Two tall, good-looking, tattooed, stylish, single, Jewish-American pop singers with the same first name and same last initial.

7-18-16 Lambert Levine

Looks like Elvis?

That would be Adam Lambert.
7-18-16 Lambert-Levine-Elvis

A collage of Presley / Lambert, Presley / Lambert…

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