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Fantastic Queen + Adam Lambert Review!

There have been so many almost-great reviews, but none of them have raved the way we fans know they should. Queen has been outstanding, and Adam Lambert has shown all of the doubters that he’s a powerhouse on stage. Here’s a review from serious fanboy Steven S Shaw for My Hyper Reality, that really brought […]

Queen + Adam Lambert: Even the Negative Reviews are Great!

With all the completely positive reviews raving about the Queen + Adam Lambert tour, it’s hard to imagine that there could be a negative one. Yet somehow I managed to come across one (scroll down) from the Houston Press Blogs when Lila and I got home from our third Queenbert concert (Dallas). After reading the […]

Adam Lambert in Vegas – both nights

Carol and I just got back from Vegas where we were able go to the shows both on July 5 and 6! The experience was incredible and I really hope you all are able to make it to at least one show during this tour, but if not there are TONS of YouTube videos floating around. […]