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Adam Lambert In Sixty

I’ve just found this marvelous intimate video interview with Adam Lambert, posted a few days ago by QueenRockBand. You know, Adam’s new extended royal family! You’re all getting excited about Friday night’s Queen/Adam Lambert iHeartRadio performance, right? I know I’m about to lose my mind with excitement! If you’re not going, there’s going to be […]

Song Possibilities for Adam Lambert’s iHeartRadio Concert with QUEEN!!!

Queen’s Brian May has been busy on Twitter folks. He’s passionate about his contact with his fans, just like someone else we all know and love! Picture courtesy of Brian asked his fans what they’d like to see Adam Lambert sing with Queen, and the votes started coming in. He said about 90 songs […]

American Idol Judges: Is Season 13 Making Its Unlucky Presence Known?

The search for the American Idol judges was intense this week. Again, I see articles teasing us about Adam Lambert as a possibility. Picture courtesy of But it looks like Idol is going in a different direction. Of course, things with American Idol change regularly, so who knows what will be when the show […]

Flat Addy Friday: Adam Lambert Visits With Rock Legends!

Adam Lambert has formed important and what must be personally gratifying relationships with some of the most iconic names in rock music. I’m sure his new music will reflect his exposure to these gifted writers. Just thinking about the time he spends with Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen leaves me breathless! He has […]

Flat Addy Friday: Visiting Adam Lambert’s Hometown

Flat Addy has decided to tour Adam Lambert’s hometown. We’ll take you along for the tour, including places we think Adam must have been! With the previous posting of Flat Addy looking at some of Adam’s cover shots, we think he’s gotten a bit nostalgic. That explains his visit to the San Diego Hard Rock […]

Flat Addy Friday: Adam Lambert Takes a GLEEful Pause as a Lord of the Ring of Fire!

GLEE cast member Chris Colfer who plays Kurt Hummel, revealed on Live With Kelly And Michael what Adam Lambert’s upcoming role on the show will be. “Adam Lambert is joining the show, and he’s going to play my nemesis,” Chris said Aug. 7, while promoting his latest book. “I always wanted to see Kurt be […]

Adam Lambert Appearing with Nile Rodgers at AFTEE Dance Party – East End

Nile Rodgers has broken the news that Adam will be performing on August 19, 2013 at his AFTEE’s Nile Rodgers Dance Party-East End. Tickets are available, starting at $149 for the Martha Clara Vineyards event. You can get tickets and information here. The event will feature many top artists in addition to Adam. Chic, AVICII, […]

Is a Label Deal Happening for Adam Lambert?

The tweets starting appearing and rumors are flying that Adam Lambert will be signing a new label deal with CherryTree Records. The first thing that caught my eye was from Adam when he tweeted: Love this song so much @Jessie_Ware Wildest Moments. — Adam Lambert (@adamlambert) August 3, 2013 That was answered by the […]

It’s ‘Flat Addy Friday!’ Where is Adam Lambert’s ‘Double’ Now??!!

You never know where Adam Lambert’s doppelganger will show up. Today, we launch Flat Addy Friday and bring you our exclusive series of what we hope will keep you guessing and entertain you as well! Here we see Flat Addy viewing a retrospective of his career since being on American Idol. I bet you didn’t […]

Adam Lambert Caught Trying ‘Glee’ On!

With everything going on with Adam Lambert these days, who knows what’s at the top of his list? Is it working on his new rock-flavored third album? Or the highly-anticipated iHeart Radio Concert with Queen? Or finally relaxing a bit? Or possibly his role in next season’s Glee? The strangest things come across your desk […]