Adam Lambert In Sixty

I’ve just found this marvelous intimate video interview with Adam Lambert, posted a few days ago by QueenRockBand. You know, Adam’s new extended royal family!

In Sixty

You’re all getting excited about Friday night’s Queen/Adam Lambert iHeartRadio performance, right? I know I’m about to lose my mind with excitement! If you’re not going, there’s going to be live streaming, plus it will be televised later on CW TV.

Back to Adam Lambert In Sixty. Quickly, here’s the good and the bad:

Let’s start with the bad (which really isn’t that bad!). It’s from 2012. He’s just turned 30, Trespassing is out, he’s performed songs from it a few times, he’s still together with ex-boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, and he hasn’t done the European Queen performances. We’re not even talking about GLEE yet. You won’t really learn anything new. Now, the good.

Oh, there is plenty of good! First, it’s sixty minutes, not sixty seconds. Well, if you had to sit through the commercials, it would be sixty minutes. Thankfully here they’re edited out but it’s still a full 47 minutes! I felt like I had just spent intimate time with Adam and interviewer Matt Wells. Are you a fan who has wanted to have lunch with Adam and just talk? Now’s your chance. Go grab a sandwich, fruit and drink, put it on full screen and sit back and enjoy. I guarantee you’ll almost feel like you were right there!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Excellent Carol. I can’t wait to watch the whole thing. I am so stoked for Friday. I am hoping it is epic like the shows in Europe. I am also tweeting for people to buy LMD and Avicii’s album. We need support for Adam.

  2. This is a great video interview, but is anyone else having a problem with the bananas sticking through Adam’s ears? I just don’t get stretching the pierced ear hole so you can stick odd objects into the holes. Must be my age.

  3. He was fabulous, articulate, handsome & so natural & down to earth. I could sit and listen to him talk for hours. He totally knows what he is talking about & knows how to come across to his audience. I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t feel this way about him. He is so normal in a kind of outrageous way that always works for him & makes watching him a definite entertainment experience that is totally him in all his humble glory. Can’t wait for the coverage of the Vegas show & also his new album.

  4. I wish I had time to sit and listen to this right now. I’ll have to save it for a time when I have 47 minutes. I can’t wait until Friday! I’m so glad it’s being live streamed so everyone can enjoy!

  5. Sue Sutton aka AdamsMeow-2ndhandrose says

    I get him! <3 He's mezmerizing, whether he speaks, sings, walks, talks, laughs, poses…. I will be one of the ones trying to catch his Las Vegas Queen show via internet stream, envying those with the tickets-and means to catch it all live. Someday!

  6. Great interview, lets you know what Adam Lambert is really like in real life and in his career:) I would love to see him go even farther with it and to have his music broadcast on the radio more and to sing on TV in special shows and I hope this is coming to pass as he is getting a spot on Glee and maybe he will sign to a music co. that does a better job with getting him and his music out to the public and get his career going like with soo many other big singing stars:) He defintly has the talent and the star quality for it:)