Replay: Adam Lambert’s Own Description of The Original High – Track by Track

I know these videos came out a while ago, but Adam’s tweet about the new Another Lonely Night video, got me thinking about them again.

This photo is from the AOL Sessions but I couldn’t pass it up! Picture courtesy of Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

I hope you’ll enjoy watching them again too. And if you missed any, enjoy them for the first time!

***NBC ALERT: Be sure and catch Adam on Seth Meyers Tuesday night and The Today Show Wednesday morning!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Ghost Town

The Original High

Another Lonely Night


There I Said It


Evil In the Night


Things I Didn’t Say

The Light

Heavy Fire

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  1. I love Adam’s new album “Original High” When you are listening to it, you can almost feel Adam’s emotions behind the song. Each song is unique. Love listening to it. Get to see Adam in concert in Cleveland Dec. 7. Can’t wait…..Love Adam for being a kind, loving, caring person with a voice of an angel. Thank you for the great article and videos.

  2. He’s so eloquent when he speaks. Yum!

  3. Hi Adam !! Still love you~~I like some of the songs. Some were a bit dark. So you really went in a new direction!! That is good! You are so talented!!! I will always love you no matter what! Sherry