Need Tickets for Adam Lambert’s San Diego Show?

Did you miss out on the ticket pre-sale for @adamlambert’s July 2nd show at the San Diego County Fair? There was less than 24 hours’ notice given for the pre-sale, so many may have even known about it. Tickets go on sale Saturday to the general public, but the best seats (sections 3 & 4) sold out during the pre-sale. And there’s nothing like seeing Adam perform up close!

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

I’ve seen some of these seats posted on public sites for up to 3x more than cost. While it’s not usually a practice of this site to list tickets, I wanted to let you know I have 2 seats up front that I’ll sell for cost-only. I am not looking to make any money. Lila and I didn’t realize that friends were including us in their purchase, so we have some extra seats in Section 2. The cost is what we paid, plus postage to you. Regular mail delivery is no charge! 🙂 I have a seat in Section 2, Row 6, and a seat in Section 2, Row 8. The cost is $86.21 each. Seating Chart.

Please comment below AND email if you are interested. A San Diego vacation in July is absolutely beautiful and the San Diego County Fair is rated one of the best in the country. Add a stunning concert from Adam Lambert and it’s the perfect summer treat!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. @glitzylady says

    Have my tickets, but just wanted to say I’m really excited to be heading back down to sunny SoCal again this summer (YAY!) for another fabulous time of sharing another Adam Lambert concert with friends! Counting the days…

  2. I have a ticket but I’d love to buy a M&G if anyone has one for sale. They sold out before I even knew they were available.

  3. @0NCE_BITTEN says

    I also have tickets for sale….Seat location: section FLOOR2, row 7, seats 13-14
    Total Charge: US $ 162.00 for both!

  4. Does anyone know the pre-sale password?

  5. glamity58 says

    I would really love to go, but probably unlikely. I will let some of my friends know unless you’ve sold them already. Why couldn’t it just be closer to Wisconsin. Have a great time.

  6. I wish Adam would come to the East Coast…….South Carolina is beautiful !!

  7. please let me know if he is within three states around indiana saw him once and a group of us want to see him again

  8. TinaGlamb#645 says

    I’ll be so glad when he gets back over to Dayton & Indy!!! I’ll for sure be there!! 🙂

    SO Love Him!! Tina…aka…Mistress Lambert 🙂

  9. I would so LOVE to go… its so amazing seeing Adam in a small venue since it really feels like you are right there sharing the electrifying experience up close & personal. I was one of the lucky ones to meet him at a Meet & Greet in Vancouver, Canada right after the Idol Tour…one of the most exciting days of my life! He is so gracious & gorgeous. Let me tell ya…he’s an unbelievable entertainer! I wait with baited breath that he comes back to Vancouver or does a show a little closer so I am able to once again indulge in my Adam addiction! I can’t get enough!!!! Always…”ADAMICTED”

  10. audrey Wilmot says

    i look forward to seeing you there Leila I will be in sec 3 or 4 row 10 or 11 not sure i was included in a friends purchase. Yay gonna be so so fun,,,,,,

  11. Janis Wellberg says

    I’d love a ticket if one is still available!

  12. I know this is a crazy question-but for Adam–I just HAVE to ask. Does anyone have a M&G ticket they would want to sell? I live here in S.D. and have been trying to meet him at radio station promos, pre-concert events but to no avail for the past 4 years. Been getting up extra early to dial a radio station to win a ticket for weeks on end only to hear they are all gone.Tried to get a VIP upgrade ticket for the July 2nd concert in Del Mar but was told they were all sold out seconds after the pre sale started. Again, I was heartbroken. All I want to do is give him a hug and tell him “Thank You” for all he has done to lift up my heart-especially following my surgery 2 years ago.I know I’m just one of millions-but like I said –I just HAVE to ask. Meeting Adam would be the world to me. Thank you.

  13. I would also love to get a meet and greet pass if anyone can’t make it or has to cancel at the last minute. Not that that would happen but if it get down to me I have the money ready to send your way. How did they sell out so fast? I was so ready this time. I got my seats. Not together but when listening to Adam You are always with the best people. See you all.