Mashup Monday: Erotic Cuckoo from Adam Lambert & Prince; Plus More!

While skimming social media, I came across this Prince Lambert mashup of Adam Lambert and Prince and thought you would love to hear it too. Prince Lambert – don’t you just love the sound of that?! DJ DigiMark started this a few years ago, didn’t release it but with the recent passing of Prince, was pushed to finish it.

Enjoy all of these Adam Lambert mashups!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Erotic Cuckoo – Erotic City and Cuckoo Mashup
by DJ DigiMark

Better Thank I Know Madness
By SmadaLeinad

Adam loved this and tweeted about it –

We’ve got to include the Battle of Ghost Town – from Madonna and Adam Lambert!

Madonna Vs Adam Lambert – Ghosttown Duel (TCMIX Mashup)

Whataya Want From Me” + “Bad Romance” (Mashup) – Adam Lambert & Lady Gaga
by Dylan Egan

Adam Lambert Ft The Chainsmokers – Ghost Town (Mashup)
by AlerochiMashups2

P!nk vs. Adam Lambert vs. Jessie J – If I Raised Your Domino
by SmadaLeinad

These aren’t true mashups but I thought you still might like to hear them. They’re the music of one with the singing of the other.

Miley Cyrus vs. Adam Lambert – Wrecking Ball For Your Entertainment

by AlerochiMashups

Adam Lambert Vs The Weeknd – Better than i know my face (Mashup)
by AlerochiMashups

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  1. Wow, that Prince one is GREAT! And I LOVE the MUSE one also.

    DJ DigiMark did one with Adam and Michael Jackson too. I just found it in my Adam folder when I downloaded that Prince mash-up! It’s called:
    Adam Lambert vs Michael Jackson – Cuckoo For Your Entertainment (DJ DigiMark’s Off The Wall MixMash)

    • Carol Hagey says

      Thanks Lila! Here’s that Michael Jackson – Adam Lambert mashup! Now I really need to go dancing!

    • jackie osborn says

      Loved the Prince/Adam mash-up. How hot & sexy can you get? Haven’t watched the others but know I will soon. Adam Lambert is soooooooooooo beyond belief!