JUST ANNOUNCED: Queen + Adam Lambert To Play the Oscars!!

Just announced a few hours ago, Queen + Adam Lambert will play at the Oscars next Sunday. Despite original statements from Roger, Bryan and Adam that they weren’t going to the Oscars, it seems things have changed!

With no Host for the show, could a mini concert take the place of the usual opening monologue?

Read straight from Entertainment Weekly here.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. I was not going to watch it but now I will. Can’t miss this. Thanks for sharing

    • I’m with you, was not going to watch.. I will now. I’m so excited for them this is a big deal..

  2. Michele Buchamer says

    Tjat’s very EXCITING! Love Queen & our AMAZING ADAM! It would no doubt be a hightlight of the show! Yipppeeee!!

  3. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    Well, maybe there IS a reason to watch the Oscars! Can’t wait!!!

  4. Sharon Borrosco says

    Wow can’t wait..I am loving his voice more every time I hear him perform.. can’t wait..

  5. Marilyn Siebenaller says

    I will be watching the Oscars now!! Am looking forward to their concert in Detriot in July. I sure wish they could do the Superbowl, it would be amazing!!!

  6. I will definitely be watching the Oscars now! Can’t get enough of Adam and Queen.

  7. therese gordon says

    Anyone going to be seat fillers at the Oscars?!!?