JUST ANNOUNCED!! Adam Lambert to Join the Cast of GLEE!!!

This news has hit me like a ton of GlamBricks!! Ryan Murphy, co-creator and executive director of Glee has announced via Twitter that Adam Lambert will be on our screens this fall and it was seconded by a quick retweet from the TweetKing himself!

Thank you HollywoodReporter.com for the picture.

Of course Dad joined in with his highly disguised congrats.

The twitter world is already on fire with this joyful news as well as several of the online journals, like E! News and TV Guide.

I think a lot of people were expecting to see Adam on TV this season, but they thought it would be sitting in an Idol judge’s chair, not roaming around McKinley High or in New York on the NYADA scene. Wherever he ends up, it’s huge excitement for Glamberts everywhere! Step 1 – launch yourself in the USA – check. Step 2 – start your musical assault on the world – check. Step 3 – expand your reach to new forms of media/entertainment – check, check, check! Who knows what’s next?!?

I’m rooting for Adam to play a character, and not himself. And one that gets to sing A LOT!!! What type of role do you want him to play??

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. OMG I’m so excited. Never watched Glee but I will not miss a show now that Adam will be on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mary ann says

    So happy for Adam…and happy that i get to see him on tv…hope he gets to sing a lot of songs, hope he is a regular.

  3. one good woman says

    I never watched Glee, but you bet I will be watching this season. I can’t wait and hope he does a lot of singing.

  4. glamity58 says

    Glee is one of my favorite shows. I hope he is in NY having conflicts with Kate Hudson and then of course, they sing together. Then he sings by himself, and the ultimate life dream, he sings a duet with Lea Michele, Darren Kriss and Chris Colfer. I honestly do not want him to play a gay man. He doesn’t need a love interest, just be a teacher of some sort at NYADA. Lea Michele is the best female singer probably in the world! There is a God!

  5. Are you kidding me??? This is the BEST NEWS I have heard ALL YEAR!!!! Thank you for this incredible spirit lifter! I totally “Over the moon” LOVE Adam & also faithfully watch Glee cause I enjoy the art of singing (I watch All the singing shows/competitions). I just can’t get enough of Adam & listen to him everyday. I hope with all my heart & total admiration for this amazing talent & genuine soul that this exposure helps him slowly but surely build the fan base needed to finally bring him & his wonderful music into the “Radio Spotlight” where he can build his brand bigger & stronger everyday! Happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hell…I’m smiling from ear to ear…Thanks again Carol & team for this fabulous news!
    OMG….I’m SO EXCITED!!!!
    XO Always….”ADAMICTED”!

  6. LEE Saline ( #76) says


  7. Lynn Dinyes says

    That show’s ratings will sky rocket! Thus, Adam Lambert begins his professional acting career! Saw him in Miami at Pride and just recently at Universal. What a performer…we all love him! I want to get in touch with a fellow Glambert, Julia, from Jacksonville, Florida. Met her at Pride and hung out waiting in Orlando. If you see this post, and I am sure you will since you are a Glambert through and through….lynndinyes@yahoo.com…Let’s stay in contact!

  8. mandytwo says

    Thanks for the exciting info Carol!!!! I never watch Glee although I have heard it’s a great show with allot of great stars doing guest appearances on it. I will watch it now because of our beloved Adam. I am so happy for him( and us) I am hoping it will cut down on all his world traveling and keep him safe at home. Just to get to see him every week is soooo exciting!!!!

    Glamb 616

  9. I am thinking that the perfect role for him would be to be in NY and be in the re-production of Funny Girl on Broadway that Lee got a role in…(assuming this is still the storyline). He would be a star in re-production who is already established on Broadway…Lee would end up being his friend and his role model…maybe Chris would be a huge fan of him…that would be cool.

  10. I totally agree with Michele’s comments with the exception that I do not always watch all of the singing competitions. This is the best news that I have had this year. I don’t always comment on your posts Carol but I read them and sincerely appreciate you keeping us informed. Congrats to ADAM!

  11. So excited–Glee has needed a pick-me-up and this sure is a great one! Just saw Adam’s concert at Universal Studios and met him in the elevator the next day! Such a nice guy and smells AWESOME!! If I had known he was staying at our hotel, I would have looked for him all night! 😉

  12. Lila Hayes says

    I haven’t watched Glee for a while, but he’ll only make it better!

  13. I am so excited for Adam! I was getting bored with glee. But if Adam is on there you can be sure I will watch him. I am as excited Michele! I am just not as good of a talker as she is! I wil be on pins and needles until he comes on. Love you Adam!

  14. It’s very exciting to look forward to seeing Adam on Glee! I wonder if he will be at the high school, or will he be in New York???

  15. Hey, I just heard on San Diego radio KUSI that Adam Lambert will be a semi-regular on Glee–COOL

  16. ko's smiling says

    Thanks for spreading the news, Carol! I purchased the first season of Glee and watched the second before I felt the characters had become just props and the music had strayed from its classic rock roots. I will be watching again now. 🙂 Congrats to Adam! And nice job, casting director of Glee!