It’s Adam Lambert Week on TV!!

Adam Lambert appeared on Ellen, Friday October 8th and will be on The Drew Barrymore Show Monday, October 11th – check your listings! In San Diego, it’s on KWSB at 11 AM.

Adam Lambert with Guest Host tWitch on Ellen, October 8, 2021. Some fans have remarked about Adam keeping his right leg stretched out straight in front of him the whole show, and wondered if he was injured?

Both these shows are the appetizers to the main course of Clash of the Cover Bands, with Adam judging along with Meghan Trainor and Ester Dean. Produced by Jimmy Fallon, established cover bands will be competing for prizes, including an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. tWitch will Host. You may know Ester Dean as one of the brilliant songwriters on Songland. I’m hoping since Adam and Ester are now work colleagues, that if Songland returns, they could be writing a song for Adam! Clash of the Cover Bands premieres Wednesday, October 13th on E!.

As for Cover Bands, Lila and I went to see Strangelove a few years ago, and they were ALMOST as good as seeing Depeche Mode live!

Here is the complete list of competitors:

  • Connie Pena covers Jennifer Lopez
  • Erika Moul covers Lady Gaga
  • Fix You covers Coldplay
  • Annika Weaver covers Cher
  • Strangelove – The Depeche Mode Experience covers Depeche Mode
  • Lori Mitchell Gay covers Tina Turner
  • Adam Tucker covers Tim McGraw
  • Rus Anderson covers Elton John

And that’s not all! Since Friday, October 8th, Adam has been appearing in Netflix’s A Tale Dark & Grimm. He plays a delicious devil in 6 of the 10 episodes of this dark rework of Hansel and Gretel, so look for this sinister character!

@creativesharka lends her touch to the Devil!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. I think its so wonderful Adam gets himself out there….no sitting home and moping about lost opportunities for him.. He is such an articulate and interesting guest on these shows I can’t wait to watch today on Drew Barrymore.
    I am also enjoying his delightful voice over for the devil in Tales Dark & Grimm…
    Adam Lambert is truly a performer of amazing versatility….in addition to his glorious singing .

  2. Nice that he’s getting out there!