Idol Workshop: Complete Look at Coach Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert’s week as Workshop Coach on American Idol 13 gave fans a chance to be glued to the couch. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Adam on TV. With Glee taking a break from their last broadcast in November 2013, the only things we’ve had to keep us going have been the commercials featuring Lay Me Down – Mixology and The LEGO Movie.

Idol Mentor 2-22-14
Thank you Facebook/Adam Lambert France for the picture.

But here comes the first-ever Randy Jackson Workshop Week on American Idol with two of the most successful American Idol contestants – Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert – serving as coaches. This Rush Week led by a trimmed-down Randy Jackson and well-respected professionals, gave contestants a priceless education on some of the elements of becoming a successful artist: song selection, movement, costumes, staging and performance.

The moments we saw were only short glimpses of the time spent with the contestants. Girls’ Night showed Adam giving great suggestions on vocal performance but Boys’ Night also showed Adam giving valuable wardrobe advice. Does this surprise anyone? Adam was easily the first contestant who placed high value on what he wore. Everything we saw him in from the San Francisco auditions until the finale was a carefully selected item.

Sit back and enjoy watching a full recap of Adam on our TV screens. What do you think of Adam’s prediction that we’re going to be “wowed” the first week? There’s even a bonus present at the conclusion of this post!

Adam’s intro of the Randy Jackson Workshop

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Chris Daughtry’s Workshop Intro

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Adam Mentors the Girls

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Adam Mentors the Boys

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And how about that vote of confidence from Keith Urban in both Adam’s and Chris’s abilities to make a long-term difference for the ousted contestants?

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Behind the Scenes comments

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No matter how much these contestants are advised, nothing will compare with the original! Here’s a bonus – almost 2 hours to lose yourself in. It’s Adam’s entire time on season 8 of American Idol complete with judges comments, beginning with his Top 13 reprise of Satisfaction. This one should go in everyone’s music folder for LIFE!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Adam Lambert – Full Season 8 Performances

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  1. one good woman says

    I love seeing Adam in anything. There are no words to express how awesome he is. I am also a big fan of Daughtry, so to see them together was amazing. I love the video of all of Adams performances. That brings back lots of memories of why I became a huge fan of Adam’s. Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW!!!!! That was the BEST 2 hours I have had in a long time…Thanks Carol for sending this, you made my night great!!!!

  3. I am actually watching Season 8 right now. Nothing will ever compare. The new IDOL contestants for Season 13 barely inspire me with the exception of Caleb Johnson, who has a fabulous rock voice. Nobody will ever compare to Adam and I am waiting for great things this year. I thought Adam was subdued on IDOL but wonderful to watch. They only showed a little bit of him but I enjoyed it. Can’t wait for Glee next week. A little nervous because he gives Chris a peck on the cheek and I don’t know how people will take it. But the singing will be epic I’m sure.

  4. I just spent two hours with the best of my favorite memories of all time. I loved it so. Met Adam on my 60th birthday in Tacoma, WA. I stood on my chair and screamed my head off. Stayed after the show and he wrote me a happy birthday wish.
    Thanks Carol.

  5. Wow, thanks for posting all of that! It’s so great to see Adam in action!

  6. Thank you for taking me back to that great year of season 8 that introduced adam lambert to us . he stole our hearts ,in everything he sang and still to this day , when i hear these songs , i still get a tear in my eye , of the love ,i felt for him .I wish him the best in all that he does , after all he brought joy to our hearts , while we waited for his next performance love , love , love Adam

  7. You do a great job keeping us informed.
    thank You Carol

  8. Wow. I just miss seeing Adam like this – just over the tops. Ohh- la-la. I can forget all my woes over Typhoon Yolanda that devastated our town and my stresses over a deluge of patient consultations. My Adam, you just remind me to be over the top too in my profession just like you’re over the top in yours.
    Nothing can describe how l feel just watching you. So suave in looks, synchronized in movements, mesmerizing voice – l’ m just transported in magic land. A million thanks to your Creator too!

  9. Thanks for posting these. They were a treat to watch

  10. Carol, thanks for posting all the performances- it was wonderful to watch it all again.

  11. here’s an Idol link where Adam appears and is praised : .

  12. I just love Adam. I love his voice! Adam, I don’t know if it is just a guy thing. But when a guy has a gorgeous face like yours why put that hair on your face? Adam you are so good looking clean shaven. I hope this is just a fad with you! The only man I love with hair on his face was Barry Gibb. His hair was golden when the sun shone on it. And he was so good looking he looked good with that hair. That curly thick hair. And the beard went with it. I love you anyway Adam. You are the man. And you always will be. Go with the wind Adam. All I want for you is for you to have a great life. And a greater career. Sherry K