“Idol Backtrack” Debuts – Reviewing Adam Lambert’s Fan Introduction

Adam Lambert was spectacular on 2009’s American Idol. A real game changer! Since this week is the 8th anniversary of the beginning of the Live Shows from Season 8, how about we take a look back?

Let’s start this epic season with Top 13 – Michael Jackson Week. I bet you’ll remember where you were and what you started feeling. Were your your music passions reborn, thanks to Adam?

Top 13 Interview

Video: YouTube courtesy of AdamLambertMyIdol09

Top 13 Performance – Black or White

Video: YouTube courtesy of danielz826

Did this performance make you start voting?

Top 13 Group Performance and Results

Video: YouTube courtesy of LexieeLambert

Please let me know if you enjoy this, and we’ll go through the whole season. We should end up just as Adam begins his rehearsing with Queen for their second North American Tour!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Judy Lushman says

    Yes I would love to see his journey from AI to QAL. Thanks for posting this

  2. YesYes! Sounds wonderful. thanks for posting.

  3. Sherrie Richey says

    Love this! Keep going!

  4. It’s always fun looking back! Let’s see more!

  5. Yes please. I loved this post.

  6. I bought a CD on line way back when, that shows each of his performences from AI. Knew then we hadn’t heard the last of him.

  7. CelticMairin says

    Thank you for reminding us of the roller coaster ride we experienced that season. I could hardly wait for AI to roll around each week to see what Adam had in store for us. Yes, please complete the story for us.

  8. Tina Dooley says

    Adam is still spectacular! I saw him in one of his TOH concerts a year ago and his voice is stunning and so much charisma! Love from Tina xx (Glambert Number 5400).

  9. Marja Maasdam says

    Thanks to Carol

    Big Hug and I am so thankfull For all Your work .
    I always follow everything from Adam
    Love from Holland (Glambert)

  10. Kathy Orton says

    Love it! Thanks so much! Would love to see it continue! Thanks for all your hard work and time to do this. Much appreciated!

  11. Glamity58 says

    I just saw this….been so busy. Keep doing what your doing. I love it. I have the whole season on DVD, but I never tire of seeing this.

  12. Great to see this. I forgot how exciting it was

  13. Yes, Carol, That would be nice to see Adam go through all of it again. Because I thought he just got better and better as his confidence grew. Not that he wasn’t good from the start! But you know all of the contestants are a little nervous when AI first starts. And now he is doing great. I am happy for him!

  14. Sally Ball says

    Please continue with this retrospective. Adam has the best voice and most charisma of any singer working today. He does look so young during the Idol Days and I love watching his weekly growth. Thanks for your time and effort on our behalf.

  15. Yvonne aka Glammer says

    That would be fab. to see as we don’t get American Idol on Australian TV. I’ve been to each one of Adam’s concerts beginning when he came here to perform at Sydney’s Mardi Gras in 2010. All the Aussie Glamberts are hoping there’ll be another Adam Queen tour again this year. I’d like to know if there’s a DVD available to purchase of all the Idol performances.

  16. Would love to see this amazing walk through Adam’s history…Thank You so much.

  17. glitzylady says

    My first (and life-changing) intro to Adam was exactly this moment.. American Idol, Season 8, Top 13 Michael Jackson Week.. I had not been watching Season 8 prior to that week because of other things going on in my life.. But because we had watched the season before, primarily to participate in a “Fantasy Idol” contest (for fun) at my husband’s office.. We actually “won” that contest and we needed to uphold our “title”. Top 13 was the week we needed to watch the contestants and rank them in order of how they would place on each episode leading up the to Finale.. Well. We watched, listened to each contestant as they came on stage, made our “official” notes.. And then Adam Lambert burst onto the stage with his “Black or White”. Well, our jaws dropped to the floor, we were literally stunned and completely blown away.. And then and there, I knew that Adam was the best of the season and my life was forever changed.. “He’s the winner, no contest”. We thought all were good, but Adam was clearly in a class of his own.. The. Best. (We ranked the eventual winner of the season at #5. *Shrugs*.). And of course the rest of the season we looked forward to Adam’s performances each week, knowing that he would amaze, astound, and that he was bound for stardom.

    Thanks Carol for giving me the chance to relive that moment in 2009.

  18. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    Ah memories! Fun times!!!