Idol Backtrack: Adam Lambert Gets Us Feeling Good For Top 5!

Jump back to April 28, 2009 when the Top 5 on American Idol’s Season 8 gave us Rat Pack Standards and as usual, Adam Lambert brought the house down, this time with Nina Simone’s Feeling Good. I’ll never forget Simon Cowell claiming it as the best entrance they had all year and he forbade Ryan from using the staircase again!

Photo by F Micelotta/American Idol 2009/Getty Images for Fox

YouTube video from Adam Lambert Brasil

This performance was our tipoff to Adam’s love of Muse as he modeled his version after their well-known hit song. He didn’t name the group, but in his introduction he did say to Jamie Foxx that “the version that I’m doing gives it a little rock edge.” And how about that single note he hit for 9 full seconds inside a 15-second phrase?!

It’s nice to go back and watch these videos because we see how foretelling it was when Ryan said “that was some strut down the stairs” after Kara Dioguardi completely stumbled over her tongue as she tried to form some kind of constructive comment. Kind of funny she went on to write a song with Adam called “Strut” for his debut album For Your Entertainment.

I really like the confidence and attitude Adam displayed here. It showed all over his face. It’s also kind of fun playing voyeur watching him looking at the audience as they’re applauding. Wonder what’s going through his mind? And also the intense way he digests Simon’s comment about how much some of the contestants want to win.

Here’s a version of Feeling Good with isolated vocals.

YouTube Video Courtesy of adamlambert_pic

Check out Muse performing Feeling Good at Wembley in 2008. It had already been a hit of theirs for years so the audience is singing along. I’ll tie it back to Adam because this is the same Wembley that Adam played at with Queen in 2015.

Top 5 Group Song Mashup – It Don’t Mean A Thing & I’ve Got Rhythm

YouTube Video Courtesy of Adam Lambert Argentina Latinglamberts

Top 5 Ford Commercial

YouTube Video Courtesy of LexieeLambert

And did I forget to mention that gorgeous white suit and tie with the black shirt? This week they said goodbye to Matt Giraud (again) and we have Rock and Roll Week to look forward to!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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