Get Ready to Rock Halloween Glam With Adam Lambert in Vegas!

Adam Lambert spent a half-hour with fans today, talking about the livestreaming of his October 29th Vegas show. He even said he may dress in a different Halloween theme for each of the 6 shows!

Screen cap by Carol Hagey

Here’s his TikTok announcement last night.
YouTube courtesy of Gelly414

Adam was sporting another pair of giant shades – this time a green statement. What do you think he has more of -boots or sunglasses?!

It was a nice catch-up – talking also about movies and music, the additional show date, his recent trip to Aruba and Curacao with Oliver plus answering fans’ questions.

If you can’t make it to Vegas in October, you can purchase the October 29 Livestream for $25 on Adam’s website. There’s even new merch, with Adam’s own touch of a Quija theme.

Who’s throwing a Glam Concert party, with some Ouiji board action on the side?!

YouTube courtesy of Carley Glambert

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Six Halloween costumes? Sounds like fun!