Thanksgiving Begins Early with a Preview of Tonight’s E! True Hollywood Story with Adam Lambert!

Hey Glambs –this is going to be a very special week for us. We’ll be celebrating the holiday with our families and friends remembering everything we have to be thankful for. And in this troubled economic time, we might have to dig a little deeper. At your Thanksgiving dinner table, does everyone join hands and […]

Neil Lambert: Sleepless in Singapore

Adam Lambert and crew have already started on their World Domination, and brother Neil, who is a Production Assistant on the Tour, is thankfully taking to the digital airwaves to give us some more hilarity. That is, if you can laugh at the tragedy that he’s able to make light of! Seems that their hotel […]

Eber Lambert Tweets With Cutting Wit and Family Pride!

Adam Lambert’s dad, Eber Lambert has a brilliant mind for comedy and telling it like it is. There’s no doubt where the brothers get their sense of humor from. If you follow him on Twitter, you’ll be rolling from many of his tweets (and educated by the rest). Just catch the latest, obviously speaking to […]

Step Back in Time With Adam Lambert Performing “Wickedly!”

This may be really old, especially for today’s telegenic mindset, but I just came across these clips of Adam performing in “Wicked” and thought that they may be new for some of you too! 🙂 We all know Adam was in different companies of Wicked as a member of the chorus, and was even the […]

It’s A Wrap-IIHY Video

It sounds like last nights video shoot was just one big love-fest, and would we want it any other way? It is so wonderful to see that Adam has not lost sight of who his real friends are, and they know how special he is as well. From the tweets below, it is apparent that […]

Leila Lambert speaks

Woman’s Day interviewed Adam’s mom, Leila. She’s always seemed like such a classy and sweet lady, and this interview only reinforces that impression! Articulate, well-spoken (just like both of her lovely sons), and sharing a bunch of childhood memories with us. (Link: here) An American Idol Mom WD talks to Adam Lambert’s #1 fan—his mom, […]

Adam enjoying the spa

Gossip websites Celebrity and caught Adam going to the Ole Henriksen Skin Care in Los Angeles last sunday. Accompanying him was his best friend, Danielle. They spent the day being pampered and just relaxing! Good thing Adam is keeping his pre-idol friends close and is finally relaxing after a hectic and crazy year. […]

Adam was on Leno before!

Since Jay Leno seems to be totally obsessed with Adam, maybe he remembers this too? He already met Adam before American Idol made him famous! A couple of years ago, the Los Angeles cast of Wicked performed on his show – and a youtube clip of this performance has surfaced (thankyou LibraLamb7 for the link!). […]

A Look Back at The Citizen Vein

All this waiting…waiting…waiting has Adam fans all over (not just us!) frustrated and going absolutely nutzoid! We’re waiting for news of the single (title? drop date?), news of the CD (title? final playlist?), news of the Special Edition CD (drop date? special content?), and news of the “Time for Miracles” music video (premier date?) – […]

Adam Lambert: The ultimate interview, Part Three

It’s time for Part Three of this four-part interview. Here, Adam talks about his time in “Wicked,”  being in a long-distance romance, and his audition for American Idol. ~Carol~ So you left “Wicked” to become a rock star?I came back [to Los Angeles] and took some promo shots and started rehearsing. We had a handful […]