BREAKING NEWS! Adam Lambert Walks Away from RCA in Response to Their Push for All-Covers Album

Wow are big things shaking at the Adam Lambert Camp! Not only has Adam been signed for the upcoming season of GLEE, but now he has just broken his relationship with his label, Sony-owned RCA!

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Adam has sent a letter to well-read columnist Shirley Halperin of The Hollywood Reporter who has been very supportive covering Adam’s career since his days with American Idol. It seems I missed the start of this story, which is referenced and linked in her article. Please read the beginning of her article here, and click the link at the end for the continuation.

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Adam Lambert Walks Away from RCA (Exclusive)

The “American Idol” season eight runner-up says no to an all-covers album, which the Sony-owned label was pushing for.

Monday’s news — as reported by The Hollywood Reporter — that American Idol season eight runner-up Adam Lambert was being asked by his label, RCA Records, to consider recording an all covers album elicited an impassioned response from the legions of Glamberts worldwide. And it wasn’t a positive one.
In what was a loud and fairly unanimous outcry, the rocker’s fans took to social media, this site and popular American Idol debate destination MJs Big Blog to voice their distaste for the idea. The consensus for the most part being: that Lambert is an artist with his own musical vision who should be allowed to explore it to the fullest.

Now, THR can report, Lambert will be doing just that. The singer is walking away from his RCA contract after two full length albums, 2012’s Trespassing and 2009’s For Your Entertainment, along with several EPs and a live collection — all issued by the Sony Music label.

Lambert revealed the news in a letter to THR, which follows in its entirety below. In it, Lambert notes “the oft-cited ‘creative differences'” as they related to his next project, stating: “my heart is simply not in doing a covers album.” To the contrary, Lambert adds that he’s “deep into writing new material with some very talented colleagues,” which will surely delight his audience of diehards.

Click here for the continuation of this article.

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  1. @glitzylady says

    Thanks for posting this Carol!!

    Here’s my response to Adam as I posted on the Hollywood Reporter article:

    “Been wondering what took you so long Adam! You have my complete support and kudos for making this no doubt extremely difficult business decision. Thank you for sharing it with Shirley AND with all of us, your loving and understanding fans. As a long time fangirl :)), (along with my entire family by the way, ages running from 11 to 63…), I’ve been increasingly concerned (as have so many others) with the seeming lack of serious or whole-hearted promotion from RCA. Even now, a year plus later, I STILL do not get it. Your 2012 “Era 2” album, Trespassing, which is FULL of fabulous music (including ALL of the Bonus tracks), and best of all, was ALSO filled to the brim with your big heart and came from the depths of your beautiful soul, your personal sharing of just who you are, was not heard in any way, shape or form in the manner it should have been by many who would have loved it if they had only had the chance (IMHO). An example: I recently attended a pre-concert party in San Diego (YAY!!), at the Brass Rail, which was arranged by one of your biggest and most enthusiastic fans (besides me of course :)) ) @Lambertlust. We had a wonderful time, dancing our as**s off to your dance tracks… This “non-party” club goer guy came up to me and asked (shouted actually, because the music was loud and proud and “Kickin’ In”)…”So what’s going on here, and WHO IS SINGING THIS FABULOUS MUSIC????!!!! I’ve never heard it before…And the bigger question is: WHY haven’t I heard it??!!”. Sooo we had a conversation: “That’s Adam Lambert singing…and this is a pre-party celebrating his upcoming concert at the San Diego County Fair”(I invited him to go BTW..”wait until you hear Adam sing LIVE!! OMG!”).. Of course he knew WHO you are, but he couldn’t believe he had not heard your latest music… Sooooooo…Adam, just know that I’m here behind you, walking “beside” you in spirit, and loving your integrity as an artist and a human being, to go with your deepest feelings and seek a label who will more fully support your dreams for your future music. Hugs..”

    MaryMaryQuite 😉 @glitzylady

    • Great comments Mary! Adam has influenced us all to work hard, stand tall & believe in yourself. He’s a living testament to this.

      • @glitzylady says

        Thanks Carol! Adam truly inspires us all to live “outside the box” just a little bit more, to “color outside the lines” of our daily lives, to follow our hearts, and to live our most authentic lives. Heaven knows I’ve been doing THAT more and more over the last few years!!! His latest decision clearly reinforces the reasons that I, and we, have been following Adam for a very long time, since Idol Top 13 in my case, where I had that OMG!!!! moment when “Black or White” Adam came onto the stage with such fierce intensity and that VOICE!! … And I will continue to do so, wild ride and all!

    • Walking away from RCA by refusing to do a cover album is another major mistake in Adam’s career since the sexually addictive killing of his career-launching For Your Entertainment recording and video on the American Music Awards. An 80’s cover album would draw millions of dollars and fans who haven’t heard him on radio for two years. He could then come back with an album of his vision and keep the momentum going. He is sabotaging his greatness and that makes me sad.

      Warren Guidry
      New Orleans

      • Wow Warren you said it like you felt it but I don’t mind. There is a lot of what you said that I completely agree with. He has had a roller coaster ride for sure and that falls squarely on his shoulders. I hoped he would have taken a different route several times in the short years since Idol but he did what he felt were the right moves for him, so we’ll see. I admire his talent but not always his choices.
        Good Luck Adam the future is yours to make 🙂

  2. I love that Adam Lambert sticks to what he feels in his heart is best for him, his collaborations and …. his fans. Stay true to yourself Adam — you’re doing just great so far and anxious to see what further avenues you want to conquer. A big Whoo Hoo to you.

  3. “Thank you” for sharing this challenge that Adam is going thorough! How can such a talented singer…with such a genuine persona & spirit (& I have experienced just that at a Meet & Greet in Vancouver, BC but also witnessed it through many charitable actions here, there and everywhere) be having SO MUCH difficulty getting his music out there to the masses when it is “OVER THE TOP ARTISTICALLY GENUINE”??? Adam reflects his inner strengths & vulnerabilities in his songs like many others DO NOT DO…yet he is not on the radio like HE & WE deserve him to be!!!! He voice reflects “Velvet Smooth Perfection” right through to “Soaring Above The Clouds” excitement! He has earned the right to do what is in his heart NO MATTER WHAT…surely his talent will encapsolate many fans if given a better chance at reaching the masses! He knows what is best for him period! So many people still have no idea the TREAT called ADAM LAMBERT that they are missing out on! Its a total shame & this needs to CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!
    XO Always..ADAMICTED

  4. Hagoromoaya says

    Way to go, Adam. You and your voice deserve So much better promotion and marketing! Otherwise very soon we’d have to go to China to see him.

  5. Adam has so much to give. I hope he’s feeling the freedom now.

  6. mary ann says

    Soar high, Adam!

  7. mandytwo says

    All the above comments is everything I feel in my heart about Adam. We deserve to be able to hear him on the radio and so far I have never heard him. I live in Tennessee and even when I lived in Florida I still never heard him on the radio, I am excited about the changes in Adam’s life and I know it will benefit his career. He will be home and not having to travel the world to be famous. I GET TO SEE HIM on Glee. What a treat for all of us Glamberts. I can’t wait to see his career soar for the changes he has the strength to make. Love Love Love that man.

    Glamb 616

  8. Evette #419 says

    This is such great news! Doing a “covers” album is so beneath ADAM’s talent. I am so happy to hear he has begun work on his new CD. Can’t wait! I love that ADAM once again has stuck to who he is and what his beliefs are. He is so amazing and such an inspiration. ADAM doesn’t “sell out”. Best of all through the whole thing ADAM is staying the classy person that he is. His letter says nothing bad about RCA and its employees. He seems truely grateful. With the new record company, the new CD, and “Glee”, I think ADAM is moving in the right direction. And Warren for God’s sake please get over the AMAs!!!

    • one good woman says

      Very well said. I couldn’t agree more. I am so excited to hear his new music when it comes out.

  9. In a way it could be good for him to do a covers album so others can really hear him on the radio, but I respect him for sticking to what he believes in & doing it his way. Just want others to hear him so I hope his new label puts forth more effort in the PR dept. to get him out there for all to see & hear. Has anyone heard who he will be going with?