Birthday Gifts To and From Adam Lambert!

So Adam Lambert surprised us this morning by giving us the tweetest birthday gift! His upcoming 3rd album will be called The Original High!

And as a birthday gift from Adam’s dad Eber, I found this video of a speech Eber gave at the Whistlestop Bar in San Diego a few years ago, tellling his audience about the Top 40 Monster he created! I guess today is not only Adam’s birthday, but TakeBakeThursday too. This is thoroughly entertaining and really educational. Although I was surprised to hear about Eber’s feelings about Queen music!

Enjoy this video Glamberts as you spend the day with Adam!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Seriously that’s the name? The Original High? Come one, that sounds terrible. Can’t be true.

    • CelticMairin says

      Remember that’s what we all said about “For Your Entertainment” and what an album that turned out to be. Never judge a book by its cover.

      • I still hate the title of his first album and the song obviously cost him dearly. I loved the Trespassing title, although the album didn’t do very well. I hope this album will be better, but there is no way I will like this title. Maybe it’s a song title and the song will be great. But I am totally bummed by this.

    • janicekucera says

      Aw, glamity58, it doesn’t matter WHAT the title is & if Adam chose it, I LOVE IT!!

  2. Humm… like father, like son (Neal)
    Adam seems more like his sweet mom!

    Getting excited about the new record 🙂

  3. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    So exciting! Happy Birthday Adam!

  4. Could it be an answer to Madonna’s MDNA? “Original High” could mean a musically induced HIGH. Hey, it works for me. And honestly, I don’t care what it’s called. Just get it out there and played.

  5. That was fun listening to Mr. Eber Lambert. I love Adams out fit in the picture above. Especially the boots! I am sure I couldn’t afford them. I like it that Adam is a fashion icon. He definitely wears cool clothes. I love Adam. I have since the first time I saw and heard him. Hey good looking! And wow what a voice! A one in a million voice. I love you Adam and wish you a very happy birthday. By the way your Dad is funny. Love Sherry

  6. Nancy Lofaso says

    This video is fabulous! Who knew? Thank you so much for sharing!
    So happy to hear about a title for Adam’s new album! Finally something concrete to look forward to! Any date yet on the single’s release in April?

  7. Marilyn Cole says

    Thanks for sharing Eber Lambert’s video. You can see where Adam gets his humour. Very enlightening.

  8. idahophoenix says

    That video made my day! Eber cracks me up with his befuddled dad routine and clear pride in his sons.