Another Ironic Adam Lambert Moment Catches Up To Him!

So we’re all waiting for tonight. I just came across this brilliant piece from Cocoo Y.

6-13-16 RHPS 1-1

Stick around until the Simon comment at the end. I love the irony!

Love ya!


~ Carol ~

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  1. BreatheFree says

    It’s even funnier on the results show the next day when this exchange occurs:
    Ryan to Adam: Simon commended you on your vocals but thought it was reminiscent of the Rocky Horror picture show. Were you insulted by that? (Simon rolls his eyes)
    Adam: No, that’s a great movie! (camera pans back to Simon who laughs and is blushing)
    Adam: Did he mean it as an insult?
    Simon (lies): No
    Adam: Great, we’re good!
    Simon probably did mean it as an insult which Ryan tried to turn into drama but because of the way Adam responded, it turned into a really fun moment. Rather than cave to faux drama, Adam responded authentically (that’s a great movie!) and I have a feeling that Simon also appreciated how Adam handled it. That’s Adam … a pro and never makes fun of others.

  2. Sharron Knutson says

    I watched the Rocky show tonight and loved it! When Adam did his thing, it did remind me of that Born to be Wild performance on Idol, albeit a more over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek performance, which is what the Rocky show is all about. I thought he was perfectly cast in his role and cute as all get-out! So glad to see him in something on main-stream TV for a change and hope this leads to more of the same, only larger roles in musicals, if that’s what he desires. Would love to see him do a one-man show on TV!

  3. I also remember Meatloaf saying that Adam Lambert was his son. Now he is playing Meatloaf’s role in Rocky Horror!

  4. Adam as “Eddie” was fantastic, as were all the other performers! It’s a Hit!!

  5. WOW! I have only a few words to say about Adam Lambert. AMAZING! And I still love you Adam Lambert. Always will.

  6. He was PERFECT as Eddie! Talk about FULL CIRCLE with Simon’s comment about Rocky Horror! I really enjoyed the whole remake. I need to watch it again cause there is nothing like the “Original” show. However…the whole production was excellent…they all did a GREAT JOB!! Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Adam.
    I just wished his music was more reflected on the radio charts & not sure WHY IT IS NOT??
    Love On Adam!
    xo Always…ADAMicted

  7. Tina Dooley says

    lol! Simon’s mind had fast-forwarded by about seven years. Adam is fabulous! I am still totally fascinated by the lovely Mr Lambert. Love from Tina xx

  8. I was finally able to watch it tonight. It was really well done and of course hearing Adam sing just topped the cake off nicely.

  9. Adam always has the last laugh. Simon was looking for a “simple” singer. That’s all. Adam was the singer, actor, performer, a sometimes comedian, and an amazing entertainer.

  10. I must say I am a huge fan of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I saw the remake on Fox —it was just awesome. Adam Lambert did such a great job in it. What a lovely Birthday Gift I might add. It just made my day. !!!!!! 🙂 I just saw Wicked at the Gershwyn theatre sat 10-29th at 2pm. I wish I had seen it when Adam was the star in it. What can I say he keeps me coming back for more!!!!!!!! ;)>