Adam Whips Out His Blue Suede Shoes to Honor Elvis!!

Once again, Adam Lambert has shown how diverse he is by singing on the All-Star Tribute to Elvis. His version of Blue Suede Shoes (complete with his own foot attire!) really brought a loud response from the crowd.

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We’ve loved the lip curl and hip shaking dance since early Idol. Adam is a perfect fit for this Tribute, which is a salute to Elvis’ “comeback” 50 years ago. Watch the 2 videos below as Adam first talks about his connection to Elvis and then performs for the crowd.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Video courtesy of shell bell
Video courtesy Trespasser

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  1. sharon R sullivan says

    Carol: thanks for the videos I watched Sun nite and was blown away by Adam’s perf of BSS he was incrediblle. He brought me back to my younger days (good ole days) when EP was first on the rock scene. Adam, in my opinion was best act of the night and one that was completely authentic in his delivery of BSS. I have read so many social media posts and majority was very complimentary of Adam on Elvis Tribute. The producer had tweeted last year about how Adam was truly a Rock Superstar and how we all would be impressed with his performance.

  2. Lila Hayes Zubik Lila Hayes Zubik says

    He was fantastic, of course, but did anyone else get annoyed that they kept focusing on the shoes? I mean, come on, we get it… he’s wearing blue suede shoes while he’s singing the song Blue Suede Shoes. Just seems very heavy handed to me.