Adam Lambert’s New Vibe – He Will Rock!!

Yesterday, Adam Lambert was interviewed On-Air with Ryan Seacrest and the nugget he slipped in at the end has lit Glambertville on fire!! The bulk of the interview focused on GLEE and his upcoming blow-your-mind performance at iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas . . . WITH QUEEN!!

Rocking out

But as Ryan was wrapping the interview up, Adam took control and burst out with a glitter bomb. No not a glitter bomb, A ROCK BOMB! He revealed the new direction his music was headed. “I’m writing music like a crazy person too!” When asked to elaborate, he said “I’m in love with rock and roll again.” He added, “This whole thing with Queen has been really inspiring. So I’m gonna kinda revisit my rock and roll roots a little bit, the things that made me want to audition for Idol in the first place. That’s been my inspiration.”

This is music to his diehard fans’ ears. Yes, we love whatever he sings, but many wish it was more rock oriented, rather than EDM. That may be in direct correlation with a large part of the group’s age. Yes, EDM is fun and we had a great time rocking out to the dance mixes at LambertLust’s Brass Rail party the night before Adam’s San Diego concert two weeks ago. But for whatever socio-political reasons we may want to blame it on, it didn’t make it onto the radio. The conservative-owned Clear Channel radio station empire is blamed a lot along with lack of radio and tour support from RCA. Hence Adam’s exit from RCA last week after he revealed RCA was only prepared to support him on an 80s cover album.

Adam is showing true signs of an artist-in-process. We see and hear every change he goes through, whether it’s in his music direction, career path (music, TV, etc.) and even his personal fashion statements. While every choice may not be your favorite, applaud the fact that he changes. Stagnation grows mold!

Listen to Ryan’s interview with Adam here.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Lila Hayes says

    I can’t wait for more rock from Adam!

  2. Besides the ballads he did on Idol, the rock songs he did were awesome. Can’t wait for some new Adam rock n roll.

  3. one good woman says

    I can’t wait for his new album! It’s going to be amazing!

  4. SO excited to hear new music and see him on Glee! Wonderful that he is appearing in the U.S. with Queen! A LOT to look forward to!

  5. Carolyn Renner says

    Just heard Adam sing “Time For Miracles,” on America’s Got Talent tonight. Great!

    • mandytwo says

      OMG I can’t believe I missed it. I had no idea he was going to be on. How did the judges react to the performance?

      Glamb 616

      • REDSTAR040665 says

        He did not perform. They just played the soundtrack at the end revealing the semi-finalists.

  6. Oh Hell Yeah!!! We love Adam when he sings ballads…but put a mic in this man’s hands and give him a rock song….and OMG…it is perfection…My fave…absolute fave is when he would do the acoustic Wanna Whole Lotta of Love …or regular way and ad-lib his way through this song…it was epic…sorry Plant…Adam absolutely owned that song…And now…to rock out an album….dying to hear this…

  7. Carolyn Renner says

    To clarify: Adam wasn’t on America’s Got Talent, they played him singing all of “Time for Miracles,” in the background, while they showed different contestants and their going through their time on the show. It was the whole song that was played.

  8. YES! Adam was made to sing Rock ‘N Roll – I’ve been saying that for years!!!

  9. Been waiting…..rock on Adam!!!!!!

  10. Victoria says

    My husband came home last night saying he saw Adam Lambert on the freeway yesterday but actually saw a car in SD yesterday with your website on it. II told him I knew the website well and it may have been Carol…. 🙂 Wish I’d been in the car to hoot and holler at you! WOOHOO!!!!