Adam Lambert – The Perfect American Idol Guest Duet Artist

Adam Lambert showed his usual style, grace and perfection on last night’s American Idol Season 12 Finale. He was the perfect guest artist to accompany 3rd place finisher Angie Miller on their cover of David Guetta’s Titanium.

Adam & Angie Miller 5-16-13 Idol Finale

Adam didn’t try to steal any thunder away from Angie. This was her night to be in the spotlight, and being a gentleman (hear that Psy?) and a former Idol finalist, he knew his role was to entertain the 7,000 at the Nokia Theater and the millions watching around the world, but to let Angie shine brighter. Adam showed off eye catching wardrobe style, but Angie’s leather skintight outfit drew everyone’s eye. He sang some amazing signature power notes, but nothing overpowered Angie as she belted out more highs of her own.

Angie gave Adam props, as you see in the picture above, but when her own personal idol, Jessie J came on to sing with her, you could see the excitement she was feeling, down to her core. And after their Domino duet was over and Adam came back on stage, all the attention went to Angie and Jessie J. It was almost like he was a 5th wheel. Did you get that feeling too? Maybe we’re just so used to Adam being the star on center stage, but it was just as it should be. We wish Angie incredible success on her upcoming surprise performance with Jessie J in England, and continued success with her brand new career.

Angie Miller and Adam duet on Titanium

Red Carpet interview with Pia Toscano and Jim Cantiello

More Red Carpet with Adam – On performing with Angie, Idol advice, becoming an Idol Judge and more

Even More Red Carpet with Adam – talking about Queen

To finish out, I’m throwing in the interview that Lila and I did with San Diego’s Fox 5. This was a really exciting chance for us to promote Adam’s worldwide success and also to plug his upcoming San Diego concert on July 2nd. Seeing ourselves trying to keep our cool on TV made us realize just how special the successful TV personalities really are! LOL!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Leilani aloha says

    Totally agree!:)
    Adam & Angie’s duet was the highlight for me!v Opening & Closing of AI!
    Awesome harmony, beauty, grace, charm, out of the world VOCALS!!!

  2. He looked amazing & sounded amazing during the duet. Too bad he couldn’t have done a solo performance of one of his songs. At least we got to see him for a few minutes, better than nothing. I read he would sign on for being a judge next year if he was asked – would love to see that happen, but we went thru this last season hoping for it & we got Nicki instead. What a let down from what could have been a really good panel

  3. Yvonne (aka) Glammer. says

    What a gentleman, he let her have the limelight, even though everyone was watching him. beautiful harmony, especially with Adam’s vocal range… great to see his Mum in the audience. A true artiste…….

    • I too think that Adam was totally charming (as he always is) to be the back-up on the finale of Idol. But like all Glamberts, I definitely would have liked to hear him sing one of his own songs and I could look at him forever. It was Angie’s night to shine & from where I was sitting she did. She looked great and sounded great with Adam. It was the performance I had been waiting for ever since I found out Adam was going to be on. I have adored Adam Lambert since he started on season 8 of Idol & truly believe I will die loving him. Sure wish he’d tour and head south.

  4. I agree that it felt like Adam was a fifth wheel on stage.I don’t think they treated him well. Ryan didn’t even announce him and the only thing he said to him on stage was”Nice to see you Adam”Very disappointing.That aside he sounded wonderful as usual and I love the no makeup look,he doesn’t need it,he’s so handsome.

  5. glamity58 says

    This was awesome. It’s actually the first time I watched this. Adam and Angie were electric. I didn’t feel I could watch it before after hearing about the Jessie J thing. But Angie does love Jessie J who is also a good artist and Adam was rally good about this. He looked and sounded great. He is such a great public speaker. I continue to hope for a Queen reunion. Why can’t he throw in a few concerts with Queen. Also, Adam needs to do more ballads and have some harmony or a duet on his album with someone. This just has to happen.

  6. You and Lila did a great job on your tv interview , Carol. Thank you for continuing to promote our Adam. Last night was magical. Adam, as always , was the generous duet partner, letting Angie shine. That little smile he gave her mid- song was precious beyond words. Where did this beautiful human being come from!? Like many of you, I’m counting the days till I see Adam again in San Diego in July….

    • Thank you! We have a great time doing it and am glad we can help spread the Adam word!

  7. i loved the duet; but my eyes were only on Adam; he is magnificent!!

  8. mary ann says

    Let us vote for the Glamberts in nominated for Fan Army!

  9. Angie and Adams duet was great! I wanted to hear more. Their voices blend perfectly with each other. I hope they do more together in the future!

  10. I think we should overload american idol website with request`s for Adam to be a judge next year…:)

  11. Thank you for a great blog! I completely agree with your review. Adam was wonderful in the duet, and classy man that he is, let the lights shine on Angie. I also agree that poor Adam was kind of left out when Ryan was talking to Angie and Jessie J. But our Adam showed class throughout the entire segment, as always!

  12. Adam is always a gentleman. And he is always fabulousI know I will always love Adam. No matter what. I just love to look at him. He is so handsome. Love you Adam. Thank-You for this great site Carol! Sherry

  13. Darn, I am so jealous!! I would love to have that hug from Adam. I got chills watching it. Oh and I did forget classy. I agree with Dorothy! Adam is alwas a class act! And a classy guy. Take care adam. May angels rest on your shoulders! Love you. Sherry

  14. Nice interview, Carol and Lila. You did a good job spreading the good news about Adam’s successes! Sorry I missed you at the finale. Hope you had great seats. I was about half way back in the orchestra – not bad. It was a great show. Adam was gracious as always and sounded great. When doing duets, the singer has to restrain somewhat in order to match the singing partner. He really demonstrated his stellar vocal control in that lovely duet with Angie.

  15. I think the reason Adam was downplayed was because they didnt want all those people who might have called in when he did the AMA. This way he was downplayed and didnt look the person he was on the AMA. I noticed even Angie just called him Adam after their duet. This way he can make his way back to all the networks and be seen live on TV again.
    Also I dont remember Adams name mentioned before the duet. As a matter of fact he wasnt facing the audience when he started. All very low key. I think he will be the new judge on idol.

    • I hope your right about the AMA thing, which I don’t think was as horrible as some activists
      claimed. The man is simply talented, and should be recognized as a gifted artist, just that simple. The show should have treated him with more respect.

  16. onegoodwoman says

    I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Adam. He is a genuine caring guy who has so much warmth in his presence, so much talent along with amazing looks!
    Thanks for sharing all the videos above….

  17. Wow! I love this duet. But of course, I love Adam more, and my ears are more attuned to his voice. Yes, in this duet, he was so soft and gentle with an almost angelic voice. He has more maturity and control than Angie here, more subdued. One can almost sense Angie’s adrenaline racing during her performances, she has to learn more control and subtlety. This control and subtlety I observed more with the winner, Candice which make her singing more mature.
    Yes, I’m in favor for Adam to be a judge in the American Idol, if only so I can see him more in TV. He is intelligent and even an ear candy too.

  18. M-E Marsh says

    Ladies you did a great job with your t.v. interview; you didn’t seem nervous at all! I agree with all the comments; Adam could not have been more perfect; he was wonderfully gracious through it all – and I thought he got snubbed and shoved aside when Jessie J. came. What a shame! I think his fabulous duet and great attitude have once again impressed the public; hope Trespassing sales are still going up!

  19. I thought Adam and Angie sounded great together. I also loved that Adam allowed Angie to be in the spotlight. His vocals were controlled, and he didn’t wear guyliner, so that Angie could be the one with flashy gorgeous eyes. Adam doesn’t need eye makeup. He’s gorgous without it anyway.

  20. When I first saw Angie on Idol I KNEW she was a female Adam style singer! I was positive she would win, but we all know how that goes! She posted on FBook today check it out that she would like to sing with him again! He looked awesome during that performance!