Adam Lambert Talks Superpower with Ryan Seacrest

The promo for Superpower and Velvet is ramping up which means we’ll get to see a lot of Adam Lambert! Ryan Seacrest had Adam online Wednesday, the first day of Superpower’s release. Check it out!

Screen shot by Carol Hagey

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Great interview !!!! Thanks for sharing Carol

  2. sharon R sullivan says

    Being in Adam’s presense is like an out of body experience I don’t know how anyone can remain calm with him in the same room. His ora is overwhelming. I was speechless when I was 20 feet away when he was on stage and was mezmerized. I still love and admire this man after ten yrs of having a love-lust relationship with him. He just doesn’t know it.

    So happy he’s so well-known all over the world and as frontman for Queen he’s now the main attraction for the tour.

  3. I luv singing along the bridge part of Superpower while driving to and from work at the salon—the part that discusses wanting to be free. just awesome lyrics and song. Also luved the video compilation. He is so awesome. I am so glad Hollywood still hasn’t lost its ‘good taste’ in discovering great talent…the triple threats that rock the stage such as Adam Lambert who can sing, dance and act and look good while doing so. Good Job! Looking forward to buying the complete set too of this new album.