Adam Lambert – Style King on Macy’s American Icons Blog

Adam Lambert, style icon that we all know him to be, has been chosen by Macy’s as the face of their lifestyle brand, INC International Concepts!

5-20-16 Macy's

Has this popped up on your television yet?

They’ve just published a blog interview on his feelings about style, music and how they meet. Read below for the blog.

And today is a big day – the start of the Queen + Adam Lambert European Festival Tour! To our international followers (or travelers!) – send in any videos or comments about the tour if you’re there!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Adam Lambert Talks Fashion, Music and Photo Shoots for Macy’s American Icons

By Kimberly LaSpada

If Adam Lambert were applying for a job, he’d have quite the résumé. International superstar. American Idol front-runner. Grammy® nominee. And, as of late, the face of Macy’s lifestyle brand, INC International Concepts. So, we sat down with the multi-faceted artist. as part of our American Icons celebration to chat about his most recent photo shoot, his personal style and just exactly what being iconic really means.

mBLOG: As you know, we’re celebrating the best in music and style for our American Icons campaign. So, what in your opinion, makes someone — or something — iconic?
AL: I think finding one’s “lane” is part of the recipe. Really making their own, particular mark on the world through their principles, style and spirit.

mBLOG: You also partnered with INC International Concepts for our fashion book – and got a first look at the latest collection. What did you think?
AL: I found the collection to be modern and effortless. Less is more. Chic.

mBLOG: The pics look amazing — you definitely rocked those outfits! Are there any favorite trends on your radar this season?
AL: White is awesome. It’s clean and it really stands out for menswear.

mBLOG: How would you describe your personal style?
AL: I like a lot of variety. I def look to the runways for ideas and trends. I’m also not afraid to take risks and push new ideas.

mBLOG: Do you think music has the ability to influence fashion?
AL: Most definitely! I’m always drawn to trends that remind me of my favorite artists. I think fashion also has the ability to influence music as well… unlocks the imagination.

mBLOG: Ok, we couldn’t end without asking: Who’s your favorite American Icon?
AL: The recent passing of Prince had me revisiting all his music videos. He was fearless and eccentric in his style. I think his sense of fashion had a special sense of humor about it. He will be greatly missed.

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  1. Glamberr says

    Macy’s has great taste. Adam Lambert is the hottest, sexiest, great voice and great fashion all in one package. Bravo Macy’s

  2. Adam Lambert is a trend setter and dresses so well ….all of the time… It was only a matter of time that he would be recognized for this also. I’m so glad he mentioned Prince as being an American Icon. Because he is so humble he didn’t mention himself as being an Icon also…But then again…that’s our job as fans to recognize…So there you have it….An American Icon too !

  3. Wow, that was HOT! Just wished it were slowed down so we could see more of Adam’s great style in the clothing.

  4. mandytwo says
    You can vote for Adam and Leona Lewis doing Girl Crush on the CMT awards. You can only vote once and once on the day of the award show.
    Can’t wait to see the Macy commercial. The video clip is great.

    • mandytwo says

      Please vote for him, it would be nice for him to win something for a change.

  5. Have always thought if Adam hadn’t been a ROCK GOD he was definitely cut out to be a model. Macy’s has great taste. Rock on Adam Lambert!

  6. one good woman says

    Adam is so awesome in more ways than one! He can rock anything!

  7. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    He definitely knows his style. Great pick, Macy’s!