Adam Lambert Sits Down with Huff Post – And It’s a Good Long One!!

Adam Lambert sat down for almost 30 minutes on-camera with Alyona Minkovski from Huffington Post and really shared. Everything from Idol to friends to albums to his personal time off. They take some pretty interesting questions from viewers too!

Huff Post

Grab a tea or coffee and spend some time with Adam. I know you’ll enjoy how favorably he speaks about his original, loyal fan base!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. glamity58 says

    Why do all these magazines sit down and talk with Adam like they love and respect him? I don’t buy it anymore. Where is the LBGTQ community now when Adam needs the support? They’ll buy boring Sam Smith and Taylor Swift, Timberlake, but not spend a few bucks on this amazing artist? I hate to be negative, but I am bummed. This will no doubt be his last CD. He deserves better.

    • Glamberr says

      Loved the interview. Thank you for posting it. Just wish people in the USA would support him more. Soo tired of the same oldddd artists on the radio. Other countries know great music & musicians when they hear it. Sooo lovee the new album. Thank you Adam, you’ve got me singing in the car & dancing again. Can’t wait for the concerts.

    • Glamberr says

      Adam is not ready to stop singing & I Glamberts will be there to egg him on.

  2. Musicalgal says

    I buy all Adam’s CDs. I ordered Original High immediately when it was available for presale. I voted for him constantly on American Idol – I even bought each CD and book for my Mackboy friend who got married and moved to LA. I miss discussing Adam with him. Adam is my hero and I’ll always support our Adam Lambert. He is the best. and Staring with Queen – what a trip of a lifetime for Adam. One of the OMG moments in this lifetime – WOW.

  3. glamity58 says

    He is the best singer…..why can’t others see this. Probably because so many performers out there don’t have the chops they are just cutesy and quirkly. We need to keep promoting him. I fear there will be no tour now for sure except maybe overseas. I know Ghost town doesn’t play in my city even though I’ve requested it. We need to keep trying. This is a really good album.

  4. Just FYI Glams, The Original High is number 3 on Billboard top 200….and Ghost Town is number 74 on Hot 100 singles…Yeah!!! Keep buying and requesting it!

  5. one good woman says

    i just got his cd and I love it! His voice is just so amazing! I hope the US will embrace him and his talent with open arms and see what an awesome singer and person he is. He is my number 1 singer. I have been an Adam Lambert fan since he first appeared on American Idol! So glad he was on, who knows if we would have had the pleasure of enjoying his awesomeness if he never appeared on that show.

  6. Servetka says

    Wow! Like usual so genuinely kind hearted and polite. I’ll be buying his album next week. I can hardly wait to get it.

  7. Ira_Lambert says

    Adam Lambert is very good actor and singer. you is my.