Adam Lambert Releases Another Lonely Night Video!

Adam Lambert spent a few hours yesterday teasing us with glimpses of his new video Another Lonely Night and then at midnight dropped the whole thing right into our laps!

10-9-15 Another Lonely Night video release

Will this be the piece that sends Adam back to the video forefront and into Grammy Nomination Territory? We hope so!

Read about the storyline here from an iHeart radio article and then watch the whole video. Come back and tell us what you think!

Here’s an added piece of trivia – the Little White Chapel shown in the video is where our very own Lila got married!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    Woo hoo! I recognized the wedding chapel immediately! What a fun day that was!

  2. I love the video !!!!! Would have liked to see ADAM more but the video is cool. Congrats Lila at having the chapel you got married in included in ADAMS’ video. Thank you Carol for sharing. His voice is always amazing and his looks WOW. I watched him on the Today Show and the Late night talk show. Wish they would talk to him more before he sings so people could feel the warmth and wonderful personality that those that love him already would love him too.

  3. Love the new video. Adam looks & sounds good as ever. What a set of pipes on one hot guy. Get to see him in Dec. Can’t wait