Adam Lambert Receives GLAAD Media Award!! VIDEO!!

Presented by Mel B of Spice Girl fame, Adam Lambert received the Davidson Valentini Award at the San Francisco GLAAD Media Awards yesterday, giving a very comical and poignant acceptance speech.

GLAAD awards 5-11-13

While shot from a distance, this video captures Mel’s introduction of Adam. Thank you NoAngelPF for your immediate posting.

Here’s a closer video from GLAADMedia of just Adam’s acceptance. Is it my imagination, or is this a very tepid crowd? Maybe I’m just use to a room full of Glamberts, who go crazy at the drop of a feather. Maybe this is what “polite” looks like?!

Here’s Adam making his entrance on the red carpet, with his mom, Leila.

This is the full red carpet – 1 hour & 43 minutes. If you advance the timer button at the bottom of the video, Adam and Leila enter the screen at 39:13. You’ll see Adam move on solo and chat with two on the carpet, giving some beautifully animated close-up facial time, until 44:36. This video gives living room fans a more accurate view of what it’s like to attend Red Carpet events. With the red carpet lasting for 1 ¾ hours, you can imagine that a dinner event lasts all day. Taking in the prep time, traveling to the event, arriving, red carpet, entrance with schmoozing, the event and the after-party, Lila and I can tell you personally that it lasts all day. At least our NewNowNext Awards did!! Kind of like lining up all-day for one of his concerts! 🙂

Adam shares his and Leila’s entrance with us.

Of course it wouldn’t be Adam if our day didn’t start with this:

Happy Mother’s Day to you all! 🙂

Love ya!

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  1. glamity58 says

    What a fabulous outfit for both him and his mom. This was a great event and I’m so proud of Adam. More good things to come I’m sure.

  2. I don’t know why but he looks awkward walking down the red carpet. ADAM YOU SHOULD BE FEELIN SEXY AND FREE.

  3. Glamberr says

    Congradulations to Adam for his award from GLAAD. He is a very deserving person.