Adam Lambert On the OUT Power 50 Gala Red Carpet

Adam Lambert’s back to his busy schedule, less than a week after coming home from the close of the North American tour with Queen in Houston. On Thursday, he was on the Red Carpet for the OUT Power 50 Gala, and next Saturday will perform a tribute to George Michael at the Project Angel Food Gala Event.

Photo courtesy of Just Jared

Although Adam did not make the OUT Power 50 list of LGBTQ influencers, released in July 2017, he is certainly highly regarded in the cause and we should celebrate his appearance there.

Check out Adam’s shoes in the full-length picture above. Now, check out Brian May’s shoes from a QAL concert this summer. They have the same Gucci stripe. I heard that Brian said from the stage that they were a gift. Do we have to really guess who from?!

Catch up with Adam on the Red Carpet below.

Love ya!
~ Carol ~

Access Hollywood – OUT Power 50 Gala

Too Fab – OUT Power 50 Gala

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  1. I love Adam for his open heart & mind and speaking out about TRUTH! Most people are NOT comfortable about THEIR TRUTH! You have one life to live & it is fleeting. Be your true authentic self & screw the ones that don’t accept you, harshly judge or assume that we should all be exactly like everyone else!
    One of the most amazing “GIFTS” an individual can give themselves… is the acceptance to live”THEIR TRUTH”!
    I have a Transgender daughter (Male to Female) 23 yrs of age & since she can out to us at the age of 15 we have offered her our love, respect & support…she has totally blossomed into a VERY HAPPY…most lovable, thoughtful & great full young lady! We couldn’t ask for anything more! I know is some capacity she will pay this forward into the world!
    So great full & pleased that OUR ADAM, is a spokes person…for loving & accepting ones true self! You may be able to fool others…but you CAN’T fool yourself without it robbing you of your inner strength & your life!
    Also, I CAN’T WAIT for Adam’s new music!…bring it on Adam baby!!!
    xoxo Always…”ADAMicted”

  2. Love the way he is so open about how he feels. From the first time I found out he was gay I knew he would be such a big help to the community. Love him, he is beautiful inside and out. BTW his voice is the most beautiful I have ever heard. I have heard a song that was sung by another group(don’t know who they are) it’s call “I Just Love You” You can hear it on youtube but I can’t find it live. I don’t know where he sang it but if you want to hear a beautiful love song you should listen to it on youtube. It’s beautiful

  3. Haven’t been in this comment thread for years. ha-ha-ha. Just so busy, but I reconnected with Adam yesterday and reviewed his performances for the past 5 or more years and I still love him. Wow, I also enjoyed his being a judge and his responses in the Voice and other singing/talent competitions, and I’m so happy that he has a fascinating house and has several cars too. With the QUEEN, he is being compared to Freddie, but I still love Adam, because he’s not only ear candy but eye candy too. It’s a blessing that he’s openly gay, or else the stage will be filled with thrown bras and panties. LOL

  4. It’s always great to see Adam in the press!!!