Adam Lambert On His Art And Touring With Queen PLUS A Very Special Bonus!

From Clash Magazine, October 30, 2019

Adam Lambert has created a mood that you can slip into as easily as you can a velvet smoking jacket. Entering his new record, ‘VELVET: Side A’, is like stepping onto a runway of Versace, accompanied by your tiny dog companion. Pathed by funky basslines and sultry vocals and led with confidence and pride; It will fit you like a glove.

From Clash Magazine

Lead single, ‘Superpower’ is the perfect introduction. “It’s a strut song, yeah!” Adam laughs. Starting as a slow burner, the disco-inspired track sees him take back his superpower of being himself after being put in a box. “We came up with the beat and the groove first and were like, ‘but what does it feel like?’” he recalls, explaining how it made him want to walk with a purpose, tall and with confidence.

Adam explains: “So we did something that is like an empowerment anthem that will make people feel like they can do anything…”

This notion has threaded together different parts of Adam Lambert’s life. It’s been ten years since he impressed on TV show, American Idol, and since then he’s released three albums before ‘VELVET…’, and collaborated with legendary band, Queen, joining them as their vocalist on tour and mesmerising audiences around the world.

“I’ve found that what I have in common with most of my fans who I’ve interacted with online and such is that a lot of them feel like outsiders and I’ve always felt kinda like an outsider too,” Adam explains. “When I was writing these songs, that was always in the back of my head and I wanted to write songs that they would find themselves singing sorta like mantras.”

He adds: “Even though I’m writing them in the first person, it’s meant to be for everyone.”

‘VELVET: Side A’ explores expressionism in fashion, sexuality and personality. It’s dominating but playful, oozing with glamour and dripping in silky harmonies. Stylistically intelligent, the sugar sweet hooks could take you out with a swift swoop. On ‘Superpower’, he warns “All of the witches and the demons better get out my way,” with prowess. Slick as a gelled back quiff, ‘Stranger You Are’ is an attitude drenched, funk led ode to embracing your inner self; “Cause the stranger you are, they wanna keep you locked in the dark.”

The songs are celebratory and proud. ‘Ready To Run’ is set under a full moon; it’s moodier, like a buckling of a boot in preparation for battle. Whilst ‘Loverboy’ is delightfully kitsch, with a filthy bassline and beats that pop like a jack in a box and giggle at your expense as he teases; “If you wanna get touchy feely, you better not be so greedy.”

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And just listen to this very secret, very beautiful recording of someone we all love. No sharing with any artist’s name!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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