Adam Lambert Nails “These Are Your Rights” For Netflix

What do you get when you combine Adam Lambert, some clever writers and the Bill of Rights? A song in the animated and modern Netflix series called We the People, that we can all start enjoying Sunday, July 4th.

Picture courtesy of Netflix.

Adam nailed the wordy “These Are Your Rights” and you can hear he meant every one of them. He goes through Rights 1-10 giving them easy-to-remember summations. You can almost picture him onstage á la Hamilton belting it out, complete with white wig. I hope he’s captured in the animation!

This 10-part series, made up of 4-5 minute shorts, is the next Schoolhouse Rock. Will youngsters today will be fondly looking back on it, like we do with “Conjunction Junction” and “I’m Just a Bill?”

This New York Times article gives a great explanation of what the series is, how it came about and who is behind it.

The full video from Netflix.

Watch again and sing along with the words on the screen. You may flash back on it during the Bill of Rights category on Jeopardy, LOL! The song is available on your favorite streaming networks.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~
These Are Your Rights”, posted by Soul Music on YouTube
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  1. Mari-Yasmin Tsui says

    Simply WOW! A most difficult song to sing but, hey, it’s ADAM LAMBERT!

  2. I love this, Adam Lambert is the absolute right man to be singing this anthem… Im so glad he has been able to be a part of so many, many good projects lately… hooray for Adam! Well done !

  3. Lila Hayes says

    How fun, kind of like a new Schoolhouse Rock!