Adam Lambert Links Freddie Mercury With Aretha!

Adam Lambert appeared on Los Angeles’s KTLA Morning Show yesterday looking very comfortable and rested. He was displaying a nicely manicured, fuller beard and a more relaxed hairstyle than we’ve seen him wear recently, at least on stage.

Screencap by Carol Hagey

Adam was promoting the upcoming Vegas Residency with Queen and the host was quite taken with his Crown Jewels! He also shared some reflections on the passing of legend Aretha Franklin. He even managed to bring a full circle moment when he connected Freddie Mercury with Aretha Franklin!

The Vegas Queen + Adam Lambert Residency begins in just two weeks! Are you going? If not, you can still get tickets thru Ticketmaster, as well as all the usual resellers.

Okay, here’s my extra blurb – to beat the scalpers at their own game, I’ll share my tip on getting great seats to any concert, football game, etc., at an acceptable price. The one condition is you have to be willing to be in the town of the event, on the day of the event, even though you don’t have the tickets . . . yet. I know it’s scary!

First, decide the price you’re willing to spend. Next, check out the reseller’s listing (StubHub, for example) in advance to see what they’re offering, and for how much. On the day before and day of, keep watching to see how low the price goes. I’ve seen prices drop hundreds of dollars in the hour before the event start time. When it hits your number, don’t hesitate. BUY IT!!

Of course this isn’t guaranteed. There may be many others watching the same tickets. You just have to be willing to take the chance & commit to being in town. (At least a trip to Vegas will still be super fun, with or without a ticket.) But even if you don’t get that “hot seat” there are always other seats available, and from the box office too, so you will get in. Right now, for all the Queen + Adam Lambert Vegas September dates, there are plenty of seats still available from Ticketmaster. It’s only a 5,000 seat theater, so any seat will be good.

If you do wait until the last minute to try my method, check with the venue beforehand to see if they accept mobile tickets, or do they need a printed ticket? It helps to be at a hotel. There’s usually a Business Center where you can print a ticket, if it’s required.

Okay, enough of my unsolicited advice!!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Just hearing his voice so sweet and humble makes you love him even more. Thanks Carol for sharing this…I really enjoyed it.

  2. Judith Barton aka GlambsMI says

    Can’t wait to see QAL again! Going to see two concerts, including the last night. Looking forward to Adam’s new album also! It’s all so exciting!

  3. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    Good to see him out there promoting their residency!