Adam Lambert Joining American Idol Two More Times!

Great news! Adam Lambert will be mentoring Queen Week on American Idol next week and also performing on the May 19 finale. Set your DVRs!!

This will be another full circle moment as Adam mentors the remaining contestants, who will perform from the Queen catalog on the April 28th episode. So he auditions for Idol more than 10 years ago with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody; performs with Queen on his 2009 American Idol finale; becomes Queen’s new lead singer in 2011 touring the world several times over; opens the 2019 Oscars WITH Queen performing Bohemian Rhapsody on the very same stage he sang with Queen for the 2009 finale; and now is mentoring Queen Week on American Idol. He has so many full circle moments, he’s his own Olympic Rings!

Speaking of Idol, have you seen Uché yet? Let’s hope he makes it through to Queen week. Not since Season 8 with Adam have I seen such an electrifying contestant! I really want to see the two of them working together on next week’s show.

***EDIT: Unfortunately Uche & 1 other got voted out tonight & the judges did not use their SAVE on either one.

Idol is broadcasting differently this year, at least for the West Coast. It’s being shown LIVE at 5 PM. This is because voting ends at the last commercial break of the show. And the limit is 10 votes per method. Wow, how things have changed. No more being glued to the phone for an hour after the show, getting busy signals!

Check out more information on Adam’s upcoming Idol appearances from this Billboard article.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. I don’t watch AI anymore but I sure will for ADAM. Thanks for sharing Carol

  2. sharon R sullivan says

    I finally got to watch the entire movie Bohemian Rhapsody this past weekend. I have to admit I didn’t expect to be so blown away but WOW…the acting of main characters especially Rami was outstanding. I have a new and better understanding of who Freddie was and the impact he had on Queen Band. I got so emotional at the end of the movie and bawled like a baby. I honestly think BR deserved the win BEST PICTURE also. Wish the movie was longer it was that good. I plan to watch it again today.