Adam Lambert is Thick As a Brick!

Last week I received a text from Lila Zubik, our IT Wizard. Imagine my surprise when I opened it and found this!

Brick - SD Library
Photo by Lila Zubik

From Lila:
On Friday I was at the new San Diego Downtown Library on a docent-led architectural tour. The main outdoor courtyard of the building is paved in bricks and as a fundraiser you can put your name on a brick for $100 to support the library. One of my co-workers pointed the brick out to me because she knows I help with the blog. Anyone can see the brick during library hours since it is in a public area of a public building.

I think it’s great that Lila’s co-workers know about her passions! Without it, we might have missed this EXCLUSIVE gem!!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. justin brent says

    Hi Carol
    I’m the person that purchased Adam’s brick. My partner Gordon Myers is retired from the old downtown library so we have a strong connection to the new library. I’ve also donated many of the Adam Lambert CD’s to downtown and the other branches. Since Adam’s music has a presence in the library and that he’s from here, i thought he should be recognized in the library courtyard also.

    • Lila Hayes Zubik says

      Wow, that’s exciting! It’s great to know the background now too!

    • glamity58 says

      That is so good of you to do that Justin. I’m a huge fan and glad to see other fans helping to cement his name in other locations.

    • Thank you so much Justin for filling us in with the background on this story! I love how supportive Adam’s fans are!

    • glitzylady says

      Thanks for doing that Justin!!!! Awesome!!!!

  2. Adam is anything but thick. That’s a very offensive headline for a cute little story. Sorry

    • Lila Hayes Zubik says

      I suppose there are multiple interpretations for thick…

      • OK I’ll believe you went with the urban dictionary definition: Nice legs ,Nice Ass etc….

    • I’m sorry you were offended Anna. I just couldn’t resist the pun since Adam is literally on the brick!

      • Just sick of people calling him Adumb ,and reflecting his intelligence in a bad light, So I’m sorry I misunderstood. Keep up the good work !

  3. Dinahhmite says

    OMG, LIGHTEN UP people!!!! Great title! Very COOL! Jethro Tull would be PROUD! Love seeing his name and reminders of him everywhere… Thanks for showing. 🙂

  4. Love.

  5. Thank you Justin for your great gift. Hope Adam knows about this?

  6. Off subject but who is ready for Adam’s single coming out next month?!!!!! I am!!!

  7. glamity58 says

    I’m ready for Adam’s single for sure.

  8. Great story Carol. Now everyone can read Adam Lamberts name. Also, everyone can vote for Adam on the PopCrush poll of Brittney Spears vs. Adam Lambert. The poll ends March 17. It is close so pleaseeeeee vote for Adam. We all love him and want him to win.

  9. I can’t remember how long since Adam was on American Idol with out looking it up. But I have loved him ever since I first laid eyes on him! I will always love sweet,talented Adam
    Lambert. He is just such a doll. In all ways! I love you Adam!


    Glamberts, please hurry and vote. The poll ends at 3pm ET today. Brittany is winning. You can vote once an hour.

    Come on Glamberts

  11. So sorry to see that Adam lost to Brittney Spears by a very small percentage.

  12. thanks carol you are so sweet to tell everyone about adam.I love him and always wish one day I could see him in concert thanks again joann