Adam Lambert: Interview with Chinese UpClose

@adamlambert did a captivating 25-minute interview recently while he was in China.

Adam Lambert: Interview with Chinese UpClose

Adam Lambert: Interview with Chinese UpClose

You’re not going to learn anything brand-spanking new, but you’ll hear more on some familiar topics and spending the 25 minutes with Adam is always a real gift.

Host Eyee Hsu reveals she’s from San Diego, so maybe that added to the connection with Adam?! I loved her in-depth asking about some more personal things, like what Adam likes to do at home, what his and Sauli’s favorite things to eat are and who the better cook is!

Thank you to CCTV News and joelovekathy for posting this.

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  1. I hope Adam hears this, but I am just being honest. I know he likes to change up his styles, but honestly, for many women who are/were fans of his, it was when his hair was down, like in this interview. I just got really turned off with his hair up, that I stopped being as devoted as I was before. The attraction for many of us fans is just but one part of it, but a big part — just being honest! It is weird but I did lose interest when I wasn’t attracted to him after he put his hair up. I really admire him and love his voice/music but can’t help the attraction part which plays a big role in fan-dom Love your hair down Adam (or even long!)

  2. Wow!….I question how much of a fan you are/were that the style of Adam’s hair would have an effect on your appreciation of his talent and devotion to him. I think, thankfully, you are in the very small minority of we Glamberts… fact, I question if you were ever a Glambert to begin with. Just saying…my opinion of your comments.

    • Everyone of us has an opinion, but Judy kinds took the words out of my mouth so to speak. I wouldn’t care if Adam strutted across the stage (and such a sexy strutt) in a full body size paper bag! It’s more than his looks for me. It’s him. Just him! I can’t think of any thing at this point that he could do to get rid of me. Love the voice, his charm & charisma & energy. Also he’s come across as having a very open mind and a very kind heart. However, I can’t leave out his looks. HOT, HOT, HOT


  3. Love his hair up….he looks more sophisticated. He looks younger I know with the longer hair. I don’t really care what he does to his hair as long as he sings and performs well.

  4. Love ADAM no matter what his current style is.
    His phenomenal talents, golden heart and enlightened soul remain the same.